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Greek-Catholic Church

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Archdiocese of San Andreas




I.About Greek-Catholic Church


  The Catholic Church is the largest church in the world, founded by Jesus  Christ. There are many rites in the Catholic Church. The main rite in the Catholic Church is the Latin rite, practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. Another very important rite is the Byzantine rite, practiced by the Greek Catholic Church. The great schism of 1054 led to the loss of the communion between the Latin and Byzantine rites, between Rome and Constantinople. The Church of Rome retained the name of the Catholic Church while the other churches, now led by a local leader named patriarch, assumed the name of Orthodox Churches. The desire for communion of some Orthodox communities led to the Florentine points, formed at the council of Ferrara-Florence(1417-1431). In order to enter into communion with the Catholic Church, becoming a Catholic Church of Byzantine rite, he had to respect the 4 Florentine points: 1.The Primacy of the bishop of Rome, the Pope is the first of equals, he is the greatest of the bishops. 2.Filioque, The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son,  3.The recognition of the host, the unleavened bread, 4.Purgatory, a place where souls are cleansed of sins before reaching heaven. These four points made communion with the Catholic Church. 

  Currently there are other differences, due to the Catholic church, between the Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches, although both are of Byzantine rite. One of them is the infailibilty of the pope, another is the immaculate conception. However, there are also differences between the Greek Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church, due to the rite, the Byzantine tradition.  The main thing is the possibility for priests to get married. There are differences of vestments, of liturgical movements, even the Liturgy is totally different.



II.The Structure of the Greek-Catholic Church






   1.Pope: He is the supreme leader of the Catholic Church, he is the successor of St.Peter. He is the bishop of Rome, residing in the Vatican. The current Pope is Pope Francis. The pope is elected after a conclave of cardinals.

   2.Cardinal: The Cardinal is also a bishop and is in charge of a larger area. Not all countrier need to have a cardinal. A cardinal under the age of 80 is called a cardinal elector, meaning he participates in the election of the future pope, after the death of the current one. To become a cardinal you must be a bishop and be appointed by the Pope.

   3.Bishop/Archbishop:  Is elected to lead a diocese. There are also auxiliary bishops, who  do not yet have a  diocese, and their formal diocese is a historical one. The bishop is considered a descendant of the apostles, because the apostles were bishops, this power was also passed from hand to hand(by the laying of hands). In the Greek-Catholic Church, the church synod elects bishops. The synod consists of other bishops. The election of the bishop is made afther the retirement of the other. The retired bishop remains emeritus. The bishop may ordain priests.

  4.Priest: The priest is ordained by a bishop to lead the liturgy in a church. It belongs to a single church. The priest may hold all sacraments, except the sacrament of the priesthood. A priest can be married or unmarried. If he aspires to be a bishop, he is not allowed to be married. There are priests who are archpriests, they take care of all the churches in their city or village. There are also vicar priests.

  5.Deacon: The deacon is ordained as a result of his desire to become a priest in the future. They can have either the role of helping a priest in a church, or the role of following the bishop everywhere to help him. Before being ordained a deacon, he had to decide whether to remain married or unmarried. Once he has been ordained unmarried, he is no longer allowed to marry.

  6.Hypodeacon:  In the Greek-Catholic Church is also the hypodeacon. He has fewer roles than a deacon. He belongs to the minor clergy. This role is obtained in the 4rd year of the seminar.

  7.Lecturer The church lecturer is the person who reads the apostle and the messages related to the church. This role is obtained in the 3rd year of the seminar.

  8.People: People are the ones who are server by the church, they are the most important. 





III.About Liturgy 




    There are three types of Liturgy. The Liturgy of Saint John, Liturgy of Saint Basil and Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. The Presanctified Liturgy is held only in Lent. The Liturgy of Saint Basil is celebrated only a few times a year. The Liturgy of Saint John is the most frequent, every day, including Sunday, is this Liturgy. The Liturgy is divided into two. The liturgy of the word, wich ends with the gospel(sermon) and the liturgy of the gifts(wich begins with the Cherub). Before a feast and on Saturday evening, the veaspers are celebrated. There are many others, such as Eucharistic adoration, The First Hour, The Third Hour, The Novena...If the Liturgy takes place when it is a feast, it will be called the Imperial Liturgy. The main role of the liturgy is to share and listen to the word of the Lord.







     Schelude will always be announced. Sunday Liturgy is held at 6 P.M. evening at Rockford Hills Catholic Church, after the Roman Catholic Mass. At the same time, all the events will be announced, both after the Liturgy and on the official page.  If you want to become a Catholic, of Byzantine rite, we are waiting for your message on the official account. (( @Alexav )). The current Bishop of  San Andreas is James Malkovich


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Catechumen or baptized: 








     This faction is a serious one. I am a student of Greek Catholic seminar, so I have the necessary experience. Anyone who wants to become a member can get in touch with a message. Any type of character is allowed in relation to the faction, as the church is open to anyone, regardless of their past( of course, a man with a bad past cannot join the clergy, but can become something else). 

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