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High School Roleplay?


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Just now, Starlyn said:

I don't doubt that's the motivation for many, but I've come across teens on the server that aren't gang-affiliated.  Even so, for any teen a school setting can allow for a wide range of RP opportunities.  Clubs, events, programs, partnerships with community business/agencies... I'd hope that this school is modeled after RL schools and simply serve as a backdrop for a variety of RP - not just gang-related RP.


And even for all the little gangbangers, their gang-related drama won't be all they have to look forward to in this setting.  They'd have educators trying to step in and 'save' them from themselves.  


There are lots of ideas to explore.  

Yeah that's the issue, people always expect lot of things, but rarely  see them through.

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Just now, Engelbert said:

Yeah that's the issue, people always expect lot of things, but rarely  see them through.

Agreed.  It'd definitely have to be well-planned out and managed, but that's true for almost everything that stands any chance at being successful.  


I hope that those who are working behind the scenes to make this happen can see it through to completion.  I'm still pretty new to the server but I'm willing to help, so to whoever is behind these plans please let me know what (if anything) I can do.  

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9 hours ago, zakkk said:

As if ERP isnt bad enough in this server lets create an area to have underage rp nice LMFAO

You shouldn't be rude on other peoples ideas... but ok?

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I support the idea for starting small... install one of those lower-income private education institutions to experiment with the roleplay possibilities. They're literally the size of a McDonalds.

Edit: Students would interact outside of the institution before the program, during breaks, and after the program.

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Let's be honest for a moment. Majority of us hates school as well as school work. None will RP doing homework. Classes will be a mess. 
Basically what I picture and predict will happen with high schools, is that some people want a hub more than a highschool. No one will RP fear of the parental figure. Fear of failing class and repeating the year. Majority will just sexually harras RP the female lesbian teachers. And on top of everything, it means it will be underage RP. The idea of a highschool is beautiful and lovely and I really would like to see it happen, but I have to think with my brain and not heart. This type of community project will demand a player base that has a lot of comradery and common sense, which sadly I don't see it.

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I'm interested in being an educator and am working on getting the ball rolling. If there's anyone else interested in collaborating and factionizing The Board of Education legally count me in and do message me as I'm quite interested in roleplaying as a teacher in a serious setting. I think the school in Richman on Richman Street and Perfect Drive (the university) would be a wonderful spot to the put facilities, but it's just something ambitious that sprung to mind today, I thought it'd make people happy, promote realistic roleplay, and offer a new scenario besides bars, strip clubs, and car meets, (not that those are bad! But variety is good too!). I even started making promotional picture's, I thought "Richman High School" would be fitting but I'm still looking to see if there's other educators and government officials interested in starting the Board of Education, I for one am very interested.

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I am strongly against this idea. Illegal RP is generating daily Forum-Reports. Also many of the comments on this thread are discouraging. GTA World uses a video game as a platform and GTA attracts a lot of underage gamers. Kid characters portrayal is a hot topic nowadays, as both power-gaming behaviors and trolling were mentioned on recent reports. The last thing I want to see in this server is a school shooting. But I won't be all negative, I consider there are a few mature enough players among us that could bring such a project to life. 


I would support the idea only if the following terms would be considered:

• The school would be a separate faction, not affiliated with any illegal RP group.

• The faction would be managed by a level 2+ Admin, that would overseer the roleplay. 

• The school grounds would be a safe-zone and underage ERP/FTB will be dealt with a harsh punishment. 

• The school grounds would be government building, meaning that the PF and CCW rules would apply to it.

• No players with admin history would be allowed to join this faction.

• The creation of a separate forum group, visible to the community, for players to submit their applications. An OOC agreement to the faction rules should also take place within the application. 

• Lack of control by the faction's management and repeating forum reports towards it's members would be dealt with dismissal of the faction and seize of any roleplay from it's members.


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