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/Rent command


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Short description: To make the command  "/Rent" available for business who can be interested on renting different kinds of vehicles for a certain ammount of time.


Detailed description: This is something that is somehow already created for certain things IG, like for example the car rental service or the taxi rental service. My suggestion consists on allowing a business which might be in need of it to rent a vehicle for a determined ammount of time and get a concrete ammount of money for it.


Commands to add:


I think there's many different ways to do that, but I think that can be something like /rent while behing inside a vehicle. And the command might follow the next structure:


/Rent [id] [money] [time]


Also give the customer to decide if paying by card or bank transfer, as done with the /vsell command would be good.


Items to add:




How would your suggestion improve the server?


On the one hand this will help the users, as won't feel anybody scams them because the time and all being controlled by the system. And on the other hand, maybe this can be applied for any business that wish to rent vehicles and allow other kind of companies to work as well: for example, a bike or buggy rental at the motocross track, bicycle rental, and others. I think this can have such a positive impact in the server. I believe this can be easy to script as it's already created for other applications. The one I'm taking as the clearest example is the taxi rental service. But applied on business to create other kind of companies aside of the traditional bars, workshops and those related with the jobs.


Additional information:



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