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Remove "One script per business rule"


Business Rules  

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So hello, I recently noticed a rule that was ideal for the server back in the day to have realism within companies. But no it is no secret the population of the server has grown, with that companies have become older and need to operate more efficiently. 


My suggestion goes to the rule that states that one Business can have only 1 script. I would suggest that the slots to be increased by one depending on how old your company is in terms of real life years. WHy should it take time? Well because it shows consistency and activity therefor I see this as a valid measuring idea.


For example my company was opened in April 2019 it didnt operate fully until july perhaps. Now we have 1 year with this company it has members in the management team, and members in the board of directors. The tasks are much more with more people to handle. I think that giving companies opportunities of growth incentivize business owners and show some history in the server as in how companies grow and so on like they do in real life.




Basically atm ther eis a rule that states you can only have 1 script per business. I seek to have that rule modified perhaps to us who have been here for too long and have the chance to expand since we are stuck.


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Corporate history on the server that isn't just made up is one that is an important culture of our server. As a manager of the same taxi company since 2017, I'd definitely support this rule. I haven't sought out another script, but if we grew to the point of needing, say, a second cab dispatch office/depot, I'd hope it would be allowed!

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I find it a delicate subject to discuss. I think that there needs to be a sweetspot between quality and experience in businesses and companies. Some companies or businesses cant manage to offer high standards of roleplay, like others do. Giving this open possibility to expand may lead to the wrong group of individuals occupying server script and even growing prior to improving the roleplay standards and business efficiency. In this case, I'd suggest for admins to regulate and evaluate the businesses and see if they are missing some fundimentals to become a realistic and bigger business. It's important to know that not everyone can manage to grow a business successfuly. I do agree that growth and experience have to be factors in the criteria to expand. We can all agree that flexibility with the scripts, specially with businesses that are showing steady and consistent growth should be taken in account to aid their growth and avoid limiting them. I'm sure that admins are more than capable of evaluating these simple factors, and will hand the scripts required for a good business to function at its best capabilities for the benefit of the server.

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+1, totally with this. It's hard running a corporation with 1 script, preventing you from expanding and branching out across the city. +10000 on the time based situation. Would have to show dedication and activity to get this.

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First of all - indeed, let us take Busch Transport Group for one: I came into this server and they were around (July 2019), and they are still consistently promoting their business, rp-ing it and doing hard work. And this should, indeed, be rewarded. Totally in favor of it - and this should definitely depend on consistency!!! I owned Out of Towners almost for a year myself now - and I gotta tell, I am certainly one of the longest owner of bar/pub in this city. The others are changing owners like underwear - quality rp. 

Why time does matter? Simple, because it shows, how much hard work people put inside their business. And the admins should definitely have a good look at that too: there have been bad examples from the past, like Alpha Enterprise (which grow to 4-5 businesses in 1-2 months), or a corporation right now, which has grown to almost 15-20 businesses in 4 months. Is that realistic? No it is not. But then there is companies like Busch, Bluewater - which have been around as ONE company for a year or longer.

I am in favor of giving more opportunities to people, who are keeping their businesses for months/years, not getting tired of them in 1-2 months. It should be common sense.

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A script could be a hard limitation and a close minded approach towards this circumstance. I believe that having an expansive criteria towards handing two scripts to business can be beneficial and appropriate whenever the business has the characteristics and requires from the script to grow. I believe that a criteria can be made to hand these scripts in case that a business needs from it to expand.

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