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Sarah Watson

Probationary Firefighter/EMT - Los Santos Fire Department



Age: 26 (23/09/1994)

Origin of Birth: Dignity Health Medical Centre, California


Sarah's Back Story:


Sarah ‘Alyx’ Watson was born in 1994 in California at the Dignity Health Medical Centre. Her mother and father, Finn & Quinn Watson watched and helped guide Sarah from birth to school age. During her elementary school, Sarah made quite a lot of friends and found this fairly straightforward, being a socialite and quite open person, she’d often talk with the other children and their parents for quite long periods of time.


The Watson household moved to San Andreas during 2009, at this point, Sarah was 15 at this point and was quite sad to say farewell to her friends, but her new adventure began when she was brought into Los Santos High, she continued to study at school until 2010 where she graduated with a successfully passed GED.


After successfully getting her GED, Sarah was encouraged by her parents, teachers and friends to actually go to college and get a degree. Whilst Sarah initially didn’t want to do this, she felt it would benefit her in the long run when it came to getting a job, as at this time, she didn’t know what she wanted to do. She applied and successfully attended Western Nevada College, studying an Associate’s Degree Business Administration. As the course was 2 years long, this meant that she would get her degree by 2012 as long as she was successful, and she was, eventually. The next eight years of Sarah’s life actually consisted of small jobs such as working as a cleaner and then a receptionist at local hostel. Sarah also worked with a charity voluntarily to help those struggling with homelessness. This continued up until April 2020 when she decided she needed to do something else after 8 years of charity experience.


April 2020 – BTG Sarah needed a sustainable and reliable job to keep money coming in, she spoke to her close friend at the time, Jack Smith who helped her find Busch Transport Group, a Logistical Company who deliver goods to businesses. Sarah didn’t care what type of job she had, there was no preference, whilst she did hold an Associate’s Degree, she needed a way of paying for a car and a place to stay so anything that paid was on the cards. Throughout Sarah’s time with BTG, she was able to go from just a driver, to Human Resources, Supervisor and finally Assistant Operations Manager. During this period Sarah made quite a lot of different friends in the company, going out with them for nights out and hanging together in the down time. Whilst Sarah was employed with BTG, she was motivated by her promotions and new roles and responsibilities within the organisation, as well as the money she was starting to earn in his first ‘career’ in Los Santos. Whilst this was all well and good, the chief of human resources was taking advantage of Sarah’s work ethic and began to make sexual moves on her without her consent, this lead to Sarah having a conversation with members of the board, but let to no action being taken. From a developmental point of view, Sarah was now under the impression this abuse would carry on going without stopping if she remained with BTG. It was also in BTG that Sarah met her partner Volk Sizov, they spent a lot of time out of work with each other and even went on quite a few dates before Sarah plucked up the courage to ask if things would become serious between them both.


April 2020 – In a bid to get away from the harassment and try her hand at a different career, Sarah was looking at potential job opportunities where she saw online that the Sheriff’s Department was hiring. Sarah had no law enforcement experience or any actual knowledge of how the Sheriffs operated. Sarah had undertaken research, looking at their public website and speaking to on duty Sheriffs to find out whether it would be the correct career path for her, whilst she thought this may be the case and applied for the role, during the academic process, she decided that in fact the role wouldn’t be for her and asked to be removed from the drive that she was placed in. This was also because of a job pitch that was given to her by a close friend who also worked for BTG.


May 2020 – Sarah had spoken to one of her close work colleagues and friend, Jacob Fletcher, who had worked at BTG for a number of years, speaking about how it could be so much more. After a few conversations and meetings in private, Jacob met with Sarah and another colleague, Jessica to discuss the potential of creating a rival company to BTG. This idea was Apex Logistics, a company where management and employees are treated as equals, not superiors. The business with setup within a few weeks and was steadily racking in members to the company, Sarah met a lot of new employees whom she would call her friends. However, a month into Apex becoming a dream, a terrible tragedy occurred on the roof of the main building, where Jacob Fletcher was held hostage by a crazy homeless lady. She later pulled him off the roof with her, killing them both. This was a huge blow for Sarah as she trusted Jacob with most of her personal life and was someone she could talk to or come to for support, she didn’t adjust to the changes at work very well as a new Operations Manager needed to be chosen. Luckily, Jess, the other person involved in Apexs’ development took the role and did Jacob justice, leading Apex with flying colours, still, it never replaced Jacob and he will always be remembered by Apex.


June 2020 - Whilst Sarah had gotten over Jacobs death and now had a stable job, a good car, and a place to call home, she was looking to broaden her experience. As previously mentioned, she tried her hand at the Sheriff’s Department but this wasn’t something she wanted to invest her time into. This was because when she applied, the idea of Apex was only a theory and was being brought to reality. Whilst Sarah enjoyed the Logistics Company, she did want to get away from being stuck to trucking all of her life. The LSPD was hiring Police Officers and with some encourage from her best friend Maya, they both applied for the roles together. Whilst both of them passed into the Exam stage, they both also failed at the same stage too. Whether it was because they didn’t understand the questions, or the answers they provided wasn’t satisfactory, they didn’t let this phase them. Maya made it clear to Sarah that they were allowed a day or two to sulk before they would go out together and cheer themselves up in the night life of Los Santos. Sarah’s other half Volk also decided to break up with her not long after she heard the results about her PD exam, Maya being the supportive best friend stayed around Sarah’s house for a few nights and kept her company, as well as taking her out and keeping her active whilst she was still emotionally hurt.


August 2020 – Finally, in the month of August, Sarah had finally had enough of being in a Logistical Company for good. She met with Jess, to talk about options and the eventuality of finding someone to replace Sarah should she find a new job that would like to do. In a recent billboard she passed, she saw that the Fire Department was actually looking for new recruits, whilst this is something she has never done, she rose to the challenge and actually sent an application in for the role of a probationary fire fighter. After some e-mail correspondents, Sarah undertook an interview and is now waiting to hear back to see whether she will be attending the academy, is this is the case, Sarah will finally be able to escape the loop of Logistical Companies and finally begin a new chapter of her life as a firefighter.


((The below posts is the story of Sarah Watson, her adventures and opportunities that arise for her.))


Previous Employment:


Busch Trucking Group - Trucker (16/04/2020 - 21/04/2020)

Busch Trucking Group - HR (20/04/2020 - 18/05/2020)

Busch Trucking Group - Supervisor (21/04/2020 - 11/05/2020)

Busch Trucking Group - Assistant Operations Manager (11/04/2020 - 18/05/2020)

Apex Logistics - Assistant Operations Manager (19/05/2020 - CURRENT)

Apex Logistics - HR (19/05/2020 - 18/08/2020)

Los Santos Fire Department - Academy Student (18/08/2020 - 23/08/2020)

Los Santos Fire Department - Probationary Firefighter/EMT (23/08/2020 - CURRENT)









Quinn Watson - Mother (ALIVE)
Finn Watson - Father (ALIVE)

Jake Watson - Brother (N/A)

Gwen Watson - Sister (ALIVE)

Madeline Watson - Cousin (ALIVE)


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