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Asset Transferring and You

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Keane    380
Posted (edited)

Asset Transferring and You


As a lot of you have already seen, we've had an increase in the amount of unauthorized asset transfers on the server. There has also been some cases of players using real money to buy GTA World money. We have several systems in place to catch players involved. As you can see in the ban appeal forum, they have been very effective recently.

Some of you might ask why we take asset transferring without permission so seriously. The main reason is that it provides a huge advantage over other players who have either earned their money legitimately through playing the game or went through the process to get a transfer approved. Or in a more recent case, it allowed a group to obtain a large amount of weapons in a short period of time which gave them the upper hand in a conflict they had with another group. 

Here is a reminder of the rule with some of the more important parts put in bold:

14) Real World Trading  / OOC Asset Transfers


Real World Trading is defined as trading anything with value outside of the IC environment in-game for anything of value in-game. This is not allowed under any circumstances.


Trading anything in-game requires IC reasoning to match the value and importance of the item being traded. Trading items without enough IC reasoning is considered a breach of the rules. Selling firearms without establishing a proper IC relationship, giving cars away without strong IC reasons and selling a property for less money to an OOC friend are a few of the many examples this rule can be broken. 

You may not transfer anything between any of your characters without an approved asset transfer request. The forum to request approval can be found by clicking 
HERE. The same format can be used to if a friend wants to give money to help with a roleplay project when the character giving the money does not have a strong enough IC reason to do so. 


Anyone that provides assistance to another community members breaching this rule will also be punished.


Mappers can be contacted OOC for mapping projects and paid IC money for the projects. This is the one exception to the rule as the logistics behind organizing a full interior change IC (which would require a design company, a construction company with electricians, plumbers etc.) is too large for a simple task such as mapping.



  • Using donator features to make IC money (furniture slots and /bad are exceptions and are allowed);
  • Trading items that have value in real life, or items on another roleplay community or platform in return for items of value on GTA World;
  • Giving assets or money away because you're name changing, CKing or leaving the server;
  • Paying real money for GTA World money;
  • Transferring stockpiled weapons to a friend to help start their new faction;
  • Transferring money from one of your characters to another;
  • Setting up trades for OOC transfers to appear legitimate via IC means (i.e. a fake deal).


As of this message, we're giving players until the 17th of May (10 days) to come forward and admit to any asset transfers they have done without prior admission from admins. Any players that admit to asset transferring and help the admin recover the assets that were transferred will not face any administrative punishment outside of a warning on their record. 

Community members that are willing to come clean or report others for unauthorized asset transfers should send the following format to @Fenrir @Selena or @Anselmi who have volunteered to help out.

Involved character names and UCP accounts:
Transferred assets: (Below are examples)

  • 18:00 - DD/MMM/YYYY - 1x Apartment (Firstname Lastname to Firstname Lastname)
  • 18:00 - DD/MMM/YYYY - 1x Schafter V12 (Firstname Lastname to Firstname Lastname)
  • 18:00 - DD/MMM/YYYY - $200,000 (Firstname Lastname to Firstname Lastname)


Make sure to include the time, date, asset transferred and the involved characters. 


Once you submit the PM, the admin team will confirm the transfers in the logs and then remove the assets. 

Edited by Anselmi
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Keane    380


All this announcement means is that if you have asset transferred in the past, now is your chance to come clean before admin action is taken. Make sure to FORUM PM THE FORMAT to Fenrir and Selena and don't bother other admins.

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