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Meabh "La Bam Bam"  Viteri (deceased), standing beside Sophia "Lil Blue" Coreas circa 2020


Sophia "Lil Blue" Coreas, nicknamed after her Korean relative Paek Ha-eun otherwise known as "Blue".  Sophia was born in Little Soel; her mother arrived in Los Santos after fleeing from El Salvador a few years before Sophia was born. The W/S Mara Salvatrucha; also known as MS-13 was already established by Sophia's relatives, leading her to be born into "the life".  Sophia's mother always had, and still does work multiple jobs to fund the duo, Sophia soon dropped out of school at fifteen years old- leaning more towards the streets. Eventually Sophia was brought up in the streets by her cousins Xiomara "Zombie" Coreas, and Layla "La Peligrosa" Coreas, turning to a life of crime to help her mother pay bills. 


Sophia was quickly exposed to the violent lifestyle of MS-13 members; for a long time Sophia struggled dealing with robbing people, and stealing etc (she always felt guilty) but her attitude soon changed once her friends and family started to end up in caskets. Sophia's good childhood friend, Meabh "La Bam Bam" Viteri was found dead in an alleyway at only fifteen years old, shot dead. Sophia's attitude towards life and the gang-culture took a full 180 turn, she'd never leave the house again without a firearm. Just weeks before the death of Meabh, Sophia's cousin Layla was brutally murdered- her killer was Xiomara who directly told Sophia that she did it. Layla was hacked to death for violating the gang-conduct- Sophia soon became rather "emotionless" when it came to committing crimes. On /04/06/2020 Sophia committed first degree murder after a rival gang member was trying to sell narcotics in Little Soel- Sophia was dying to make a name for herself. That same night Sophia was the prime suspect of another shooting, the murder of a local Korean who attacked her at the LTD Gas Station, both Sophia and Xiomara opened fire on her, leading to her death- catching two bodies in one night. Sophia, Xiomara and Lindsey "Molly-Mac" Flores, fled Los Santos in avoidance of the Los Santos Police Department. Xiomara was caught shortly after, and opened fire on multiple LSPD officers- dying at the scene, Lindsey was soon caught minutes after and charged for the shooting. Sophia currently hangs around Little Soel still, trying to lay low and get by without causing too much attention- shes lost without her real friends and family.


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