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Johnny Butler | "1/5"

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Photo: (Robert Fortunato (left), Johnny Butler (middle), circa 2009)Photo: (Robert Fortunato (left), Johnny Butler (middle), Richard Moore (Right - deceased) circa 2009)


Johnny Butler, in his early twenties, served four years in Afghanistan under 1st Battalion, 5th Marines (1/5)  infantry battalion in the United States Marine Corps. 1/5 was deployed to Afghanistan from May to December 2009 as part of Task Force Leatherneck and conducted combat operations in the Nawa-I-Barakzayi District of Helmand province. Task Force Leatherneck was commanded by BGen Lawrence Nicholson during the 2009–2010 deployment to Afghanistan for NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). In 2010, Task Force Leatherneck spearheaded both the Operation Strike of the Sword and the Battle of Marjah, the largest battles since the start of the Afghanistan Campaign.


LtA0yb3.jpgJohnny participated a lot of operations during his service, and in those years, he and his close buddies secretly did some sidelines by distributing confiscated weapons to the black market. How did Johnny and his crew pulled that off? Nobody knew; they weren't caught since then. Also, Johnny wasn't the mastermind of said illegal operation, he was just one of the strings who made it happen. 


Johnny left the military on 2014 together with his close buddy Robert "Bobby" Fortunato. Both of them continued to live their lives separately and enjoyed what they got from the "service". Although, they didn't get that much that would change their lives, both of them were just soldiers who follow orders from their superior who handled the black market transactions. It was just enough for them to live for years without working.



9PtRlbM.jpgAfter five years, Johnny is now reunited with his friends from the service, and some of them (including Bobby) is now involved into security work in the state. They've been planning to do what they did back in the days, and they are now currently setting up the network they need for this project to happen.

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