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Custom Interior Variants


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Short description: create a system to save custom interior variants for businesses. 


Detailed description:

Right now it takes a huge out-of-character effort to create custom scenes for certain roleplaying situations in businesses. For example, let's say you run a bar and you want to roleplay that your bar is dusty after an opening. You want to hire a cleaning brigade to come over and clean the place but to make the experience better, you want to change the interior a little bit by placing down dust, moving the chairs to make a messy appearance, leaving cigarettes at the counter et cetera. The only way you can do that is making everything by hand over and over again and if you want to run your business realistically you need to repeat the process after every opening. This takes a huge effort from the business owner and ends up killing the mood for certain roleplay setups.


We should add a command which saves the current interior mapping to a slot and after that, we can switch between mappings with a single command. Business owners can save different mapping scenarios (for example dirty, clean, formal event, etc.) and apply them easily. You need to create the scene only once, save them and after that, you can set up the roleplay scenario for other groups (cleaning companies for example) instantly. 


Commands to add:

  • /interiorvariant -- the root of the command.
    • save [name] -- for saving the current setup. E.g. /interiorvariant save dusty; /interiorvariant save normal
    • apply [name] -- to apply a certain setup. E.g. /interiorvariant apply dusty; /interiorvariant apply normal
    • list -- list all the variants you saved before. E.g. /interiorvariant list -> prints 1.) dusty 2.) normal


Items to add: N/A


How would your suggestion improve the server?

I believe it would give a really good tool to the business owners and potentially create several new roleplaying situations which aren't really a thing now because of the effort it takes to transform certain scenes into others. It would help the server financially too because we can limit the usable interior slots depending on the donator rank. For example, the free tier could save two variants, bronze donators can save three, gold can save five and platinum ten.


Additional information:

This script can be abused by mapping completely different things into a single venue. I believe the script should check for the changes made in the furniture list and if the difference is more than 50 items then it should refuse to save the scene. 

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As a mapper, I know firsthand what it's like to deal with the current mapping (furniture) system. It's a good idea overall. It will make it easier to work with the system.


One thing I wonder is if you have an interior variant that's cluttered and one that's clean (for example), the clean variant would cost less than the cluttered variant. Would it give you your money back for the unused furniture when you switch to the clean variant?

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