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Closed for the time being!



AutoHub is always reachable by using our website. Simply post on our website and we will respond as soon as possible. ((reply to this topic)).

You can also reach us at one of these three numbers:

  • 4481701 - Mitsue Noburo
  • 9236 - Matthew Hamilton
  • 2705 - Uzumbe Kalurgalake



Our services


AutoHub offers a variety of services, for example:

  • The AutoHub store:
    • The AutoHub store is our physical location that can be found in Cypress Flats, South Shambles Street where we host openings and clients can buy, sell or test all kinds of vehicles! We are also really interested in YOUR vehicles! Send us an email with the name of your vehicle, it's aftermarket modifications and it's insurance status and what you are looking to get for it and we will get back to you soon!
  • AutoHub Delivery:
    • Our new delivery system brings AutoHub to your home! Make a delivery request and an AutoHub employee will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the delivery and chose a date and time for the delivery!
  • AutoHub Reservations:
    • Do you like a vehicle and you don't have to buy it at the moment? You can make a reservation on it! All you need to do is post with the reservation form and pay $5,000 in advance. The money will be deducted from the final sum. If you do not claim the vehicle within a week, the reservation will be lost and the money will not be returned. Upon reservation, you will be contacted by an employee for price negotiations and the payment of the fee.
  • AutoHub Flash Sales:
    • AutoHub periodically hosts flash sales! What is a flash sale? Every week has a random chance of having a Flash Sale, chance which is calculated by our complex system! The more sales that happen in a week, the bigger the chance is for next week to have a flash sale! During a flash sale, a certain category of vehicles or specific vehicles have very big sales! Be the first ones to pick them up!



Our stock has been sold completely! We will update our website once we re-open!




Last updated on: 09.05.2020

We also buy cars so make sure to show us your offers!



AutoHub Delivery

*Orders are only visible to AutoHub Employees and the person who placed the order*

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AutoHub Reservations

*Reservations are only visible to AutoHub Employees and the person who placed the order*

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