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Junkyard Wild Dogs MC

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Beyond the ambitions raised in the IC thread, our main goal is to create a community composed by all kind of role players who wants to contribute to our concept.


We wish to animate this little community and interest other people by organizing various events, creating legal businesses then find a place in the server’s factions environment as we are gradually becoming a MC 1%.

Our objectives over the next few months could be summarized by internal growth & stability plus the creation of a solid member base.


We would train, shape newcomers and all those interested in joining us with guidance and tutorials about MC Roleplay and about our faction's Roleplay.


Of course, all of this would be achieved by respecting the rules imposed by the faction management administration and more broadly the server’s rules.

Beyond compliance with those rules, you agree to the risk of being character killed by joining or leaving our faction.


Before starting to post screenshots on our thread, please ask Solari or oggY's approval.


If you need any further information about the faction (or any concerns), please do not hesitate to message us :

  • Discord : Solari#8904 / Forum : Solari




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