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[LSPD] Statement on Unsanctioned LSPD Event - 13/APR/2020

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Statement on Unsanctioned LSPD Event - 13/APR/2020

The Los Santos Police Department has taken note of the unsanctioned event that took place on the night of the 12th of April 2020 at the Los Santos International Airport. Following information and evidence received from sources present at the event, a total of nine active serving police officers have been put on administrative leave by the department. The Internal Affairs Group will take its time in the next few days to interview these officers regarding their involvement and subsequently either clear them from the investigation, issue internal disciplinary action or file criminal charges against them if reason for any of the aforementioned is found.

Although the Los Santos Police Department aims to provide a place for all members of the community to practice their hobbies safely, the department does not condone doing so in violation of other's rights or without following the rules and laws in place. The office of the Chief of Police and by extent the department wishes to apologize profusely to anyone that was impacted by what took place. Although there is no doubt that the officers in their minds acted with the right intentions to defuse a potentially volatile situation, the Los Santos Police Department does not condone, in doing so, breaking the laws that are set in place to give every part of our community the opportunity to host events to practice their hobbies, beliefs or other rights that have been afforded to them.

Serving this community is our priority, but we must do so from a position of absolute integrity. It would be unamerican of us to ask this of you without being willing to lead by example. I, therefore, promise you that if it is found through an internal investigation that any of my officers acted outside of the law, they will be punished according to the laws we all vow to uphold.

While the investigation is taking place, the Office of the Chief of Police has tasked the Media Relations and Community Affairs Division with reaching out to tournament organizers within the racing community to evaluate what can be done to provide better guidance and opportunities for them. A major part of ensuring something like this never happens again is creating more officially sanctioned and organized events so they may take place instead of unsanctioned street races to provide a way for those interested to practice their hobbies in a safe and controlled environment.

The Office of the Chief of Police remains available to answer any questions regarding the event. We cannot, however, provide any information in regards to our internal investigation, as it is in the very early stages at this point in time.

Chief of Police Charles Hughes
Chief of Department
Los Santos Police Department


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