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The Martorano Crime Family

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A huge thanks to everyone involved - be it the people who've lost their well-developed characters for the RP bought to the faction, our new wave of associates who've stuck around the faction despite being dragged into something you guys didn't expect, and of course, the IFM for handling this mess despite our disagreements. 

While we contested the reasons used to initiate the conflict and never wanted this, events unfolded as they did and we are where we are. Even while the war was underway, some of the RP and scenes we got to see on the thread were incredible. As we move on, we'll continue to roleplay as a defunct family working on it's way back to stability, but more than the victory, we're beyond proud of having a strong core of members who've stayed throughout. More than the win, we're happier to just go back what we're all here for - encouragement of your character's development over the faction, internal politics & cut-throat LCN RP all around. 

I'm nothing but hopeful of the upcoming wave of associates as well.
That said, less talking and back to RP as usual. Watch this space in the coming weeks.

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