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Custom shops

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Feature Showcase: Custom Shops



Custom shops are a new business type that work as an extension to the business system that allows players to create shops whose merchandise is set by the players. This system introduces a new command into the fold /shop (/pawnshop or /itemshop also work as alternatives) which enables business supervisors and owners to manage the shop’s stock. A customer, by pressing Y within range of the shop is greeted with an interactive shop menu where they can purchase any of the listed items.

The system is compatible with the order / employee system, allowing you to go through sells only when an employee is online so that orders can be processed.


There's only one new command that is used to handle all shop management related actions: /shop (/pawnshop and /itemshop also work as aliases)


  • /shop: The root of the command
    • additem: Designates that you wish to add an item into the shop.
      • InvItemID: Reference to the inventory slot ID. Leaving it blank will display your inventory.
        • Price: The designated price of each item instance.
          • Amount: The amount of instances you wish to add to the shop of the selected item.
    • Removelisting: Designates that you wish to remove a listing from the shop
      • ListingID: The listing ID which you wish to remove. (ID obtained by /shop list)
    • List: Displays all the shop's listing along with their IDs to be used within /shop removelisting.
    • Help: Displays a message with similar information regarding how the command works.



Being a customer is significantly easier, all you have to do is walk into a shop and press Y. You will then be greeted with an interactive menu and buy the items you wish to buy. 


Thanks to @St3fan[NL] for designing the User Interface seen above.

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