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The Upcoming Player Dealerships Script


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Hello there!

First of all, I'd like to thank the management for working on this as we needed something done to stop 'pop-up' dealerships that have 1 week lifespan and to improve the quality. However, I've just watched the video and I think there are a few things wrong which we have spotted, and would like to explain them below:


This change actually decreases the amount of role play required when purchasing vehicle and removes the human element. 

People arriving to dealerships will not see the stock list in the form of parked up cars, that means that their visual modifications, colors etc... will not be displayed or shown in the stock image presented by the menu. “Flashy" cars or cars that have been designed to a specific taste won't need attract people anymore as it's just a list... with stock images on and nothing personal to give that car it’s own identity. 

This actually removes one of the key traits of a car salesmen by removing the player to player interaction. There will not be “test-drives”, car thieves and the opportunity for 'sales talk' anymore.  Cars can be sold pretty much already by any player on the server, what gives dealerships a unique experience is the skills those individuals have in purchasing cars for good prices and equally selling them at a price the customer feels is a good deal, 95% of the time this feeling comes from the discussion with the salesmen and I feel we would lose that should we go to looking at images in a GUI

 It'll be really hard to negotiate on the price, going back and forward in and out of GUI menus between dealerships waiting for offers to be reviewed instead of simple conversations. That applies with trade-ups or trade-downs.

 Again, highlighted in the point where I said anyone can sell vehicles but without any marketing skills or communication skills they will be able to 'run' a dealership without putting effort in it, an exact opposite of what we try to achieve as the server matures

No-one will properly role-play purchases anymore, just like at the mechanic garages, where you get your car re-painted in 4 minutes. We'll be seeing people just coming to the checkpoint and checking the list, buying the car with a 'forced' role-play. This will eventually turn into those mechanic garage roleplays. Get ready for pre-set emotes by the salesman.

Basically, it's a roleplay-killer and not realistic at all. At any open dealerships in the world, you'll see cars parked up and you'll have a walk around, inspecting them. I feel like this will be perfect for people who'll run a dealership for just the money and are not in it to roleplay. Sunset Autos as an example is a bit of a social spot, people come to browse the cars but also catch up with people they know and generally encourage various types of role play with different audiences - I feel like this update will be perfect for people who'll run a dealership for just the money and are not in it to roleplay.  If someone wants to list it, we have two places for it (facebrowser and the forum)

Please do not implement this as it is and let us community work with you on this with the community to bring a better idea with functionality which actually sids and increases role play rather than discouraging it. 

-We need scriptwise help but what do we actually need?
So let's talk about a few ideas, I'm sure we (dealership employees in-game) can come up with great ideas. 

• There could be dealership businesses.

Vehicles be controlled (sold) by the people above 'supervisor' rank in the business with commands similar to existing ones. (Such as /sv => /bsv) 
The money will go to the business bank/cashbox.
•• There can be 3d text labels on the cars, where people would see its details just like in a dealership in real world. 
Anyone in the business can park up the cars, edit their labels.

There'll be a record of sales/purchases in the business page.

Also, the admin that brought this script up is welcome to role-play with me at the dealership for a week to get some insight before implementing this as it is.

Thanks for reading and please share your ideas too.

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I honestly fully support this. Some dealerships are just in it for the money, I can guarantee you, Sunset Autos is literally where a few people hang out ICly cause the RP there is amazing. I'd hate for this new system to he implemented honestly. 

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I think the attempt on this system is amazing but it has many disadvantages. Major ones. 

All of my concerns have already been highlighted in the original post. This system gets rid of most (if not all) roleplay between the salesman and customers.


If i go to a dealership i want to have the ability to 1) Discuss the vehicle 2) Ask questions 3) Try it out 4) Negotiate the price 5) Make a counter offer.

The script should not be released in its current state, a lot more work is required.

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I'll lock this since this video is just a devblog. Not what the feature will exactly be, and it's written under the announcement.

Write it again once it's released. Some information here:

1) You cannot buy cars without an employee being here

2) You need to confirm or deny each sales when someone is clicking on it

3) There is a record of sales in the business page

4) Spawning a car from a dealership is possible, and you can do whatever you want with it, we're working on a potential coming back of the command that prints a label over the car to sell it too so you can mix both

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