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Business Income - Adjusting employee & business income


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Short description: Allow access to /bmanager for all service-based businesses, including bars & nightclubs, then add a command for customers to be able to pay the business bank directly while inside the business property.


Detailed description: Right now the system of how people pay for goods in most player-owned businesses is kind of backwards. Income from goods sold (alcohol, coffee, flowers, etc) should be sent directly to the business bank, not the employee on shift. The employee should still receive an hourly wage + tips, so here is my suggestion. Add a command, /paybusiness, that will work when a player is inside of a business property. This command will send funds directly from any customer who uses it within the business property to the business bank in /bmanager. If someone is in The Vault, /paybusiness would send money directly into The Vault's business bank. If someone is in Mirror Park Tavern, /paybusiness would send money directly into Mirror Park Tavern's business bank. As a result, this will enable player-owned businesses, that don't already sell items through a script such as 24/7's but through a custom item script or player-to-player (bars / nightclubs) to actually receive income from those goods sold. This will also allow for people to pay tips to the employees separately from the cost of the item, which is honestly how it is in real life. When you sell something, the business receives the money from the sale. This is how it should be instead of employees receiving 100% of the profit from goods sold and the business practically selling items at a complete loss.


Through this system all business that sell goods as a service should be enabled to use /startshift for its employees, allowing them to receive the $4000/hr government stipend. If a unique item shop such as a coffee shop is allowed to have its employees earn the stipend for selling coffee & donuts, then other shops such as flower shops, bars, clubs, and any other unique business selling goods should also be allowed this stipend.

Commands to add: /paybusiness


Items to add: None


How would your suggestion improve the server? Now that employees aren't receiving 100% of the cost of goods sold, they will be receiving the $4000/hr stipend + whatever tips they may receive. Sure, this will place an extra burden on the government IC'ly to shell out all this cash, but it will bring employee income throughout the entire server into a very consistent and realistic place across all jobs. This also allows for businesses to actually make money off the items they sell and maybe eventually allow unique businesses to flourish, since their employees won't be taking the money from goods sold anymore.


Additional information: Just to give you an example:

  • Joey works at a bar. Joey uses /startshift, which enables him to earn the $4000 per hour stipend. Customer orders a Rum & Coke for $150. Joey instructs the customer to use /paybusiness $150. The business bank now receives $150 for the item. The customer then gives Joey a tip using /pay Joey $50. The business has now received income for the goods sold and Joey receives a tip + the hourly stipend.
    • Businesses and employees both benefit with this system and allows for a much more consistent pay scale throughout jobs offered in the city. Now it is up to the businesses to be unique and creative to attract employees, maybe through bonuses, custom item giveaways, etc. It opens up opportunities for everyone involved.
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