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The Sheriff's Department & You


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In the interest of clarity with the community, I've included the OOC excerpt from my announcement on the approval of the LSSD Davis Station which has just received assent from the Panda as well as my resignation from faction leadership in a few days. As always, I'm willing to answer any questions that you may all have and address any concerns. The SD Davis Station will maintain a small group of veteran deputies with a reputation for fairness and top tier roleplay and the goal will only be to enhance roleplay in South Central, not impede on the RP that happens there or "police" the server. The SD has maintained our Headquarters at the Hall of Justice, right beside Davis Station, for months now and based on my conversations with illegal role players in the area it has not had a detrimental effect on their roleplay.



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4 hours ago, Jonesy said:

From the humble beginnings with @AceS|, [Redacted]; you and I to the big 180.

Long Live & never forget.


The greatest Founding Fathers. Long Live Sheriff Patrick Machado and Sheriff Rick Washington.

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