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Chat anims


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Short description: Add chat anims

Detailed description: Whenever a player talks in an IC chat, make their arms move. Right now it gives off a robotic/dead vibe when there are multiple players speaking but everyone is just standing still. Whenever arms move when people speak, it adds life to the scene. Also make the animation last as long as the sentence. A short sentence anim should be different to a long sentence. Maybe even allow different styles (if they exist, I honestly don't know)

Commands to add: -

Items to add: -

How would your suggestion improve the server? Explained above.

Additional information: Make it toggable.

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Actually, this was a feature about 2.5 years ago back.


I only recently came back for a visit, and was wondering why it no longer exists.

Perhaps it has something to do with the migration from GTMP to RageMP

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probably one of the most important (missing) features for me. i think with GTA V's engine we're pretty close to an uncanny valley feeling, with how realistic the graphics are. it's especially apparent imo, when a group stands together and everybody's talking, but the scene remains entirely static/stagnant. it just looks so off to me. 


also: it would be p. neat if characters would open & close their mouths accordingly when they chat.

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