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Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats XIII

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Dustyboi    115
Posted (edited)






This faction strives to represent a realistic Hispanic gang culture within a poverty stricken area inside of Los Santos. This will cover the life of the flats residents and those who strive to become successful within the ghetto community of Chamberlain. To become a part of the community, you are not required to be a seasoned gang banger or a hardcore Mexican terminator - You are only required to be a local resident within the vicinity of the Tortilla Flats area.


Upon joining, you immediately give the leadership of this faction CK permissions upon your character.


If you have any questions about joining the faction, feel free to PM @Dustyboi@Artz@spitfire@es



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Devasta    108

Pressa from the Flats, holding it down at Twin Towers ?

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Beholder    194
Posted (edited)


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emoji bugged

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PapaDoc    329

Love from Sneaky

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Vindus    643

Best of luck, I dig the thread format. 

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Max3    151


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.kronik    20



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