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San Andreas Street Scene

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Over recent years, prominent Facebrowser groups and other social media embarked have been serving as a major influencer for the street-racing community. Every stunt, flex, skid mark, brake screech and the screaming whistle of a turbocharged engine presented records a significant increase in the street-racing population.




Social media platforms expand the proximity of the population from as far away as Vinewood Hills and Grapeseed, earning reputation and popularity among other enthusiasts. Challenges being spewed across regional rivalries on being more aggressive, inclining to perform dangerous stunts or turn aggressive and reckless. As awareness is peaked, the larger the growing community of an online street-racing influencing group, the more feasible it is to involve a greater crowd sharing equal interests. (Los Angeles Times, 2020)




As darkness canvas the streets of San Andreas, two headlamps of each machine shine through to sleepless night. Cars lining up two at a time preparing to embark on an adrenaline-filled rush over a bet at stake, killing the night’s sleep by taunting with the heavy roaring of the engines and the sounds of people chanting through the night until the cry of “Cops!” is echoed through the vocals of each individual. Anxiously kicking everyone in motion to mount into their cars and leaving the scarred skid marks behind.




The night isn’t dead as everyone cautiously waits for the alert on their social media account with the updated location of the next gathering unless the scene had been compromised to which they are prompted to call it a night. A man would be at the back of a fleeing vehicle, typing on their phone to enlighten every one of the statuses. Revealing the next location, having most of the racers and influencers reassembled.




“The more outrageous the acts that are captured on these videos, the more notoriety that they get,”

“A lot of these individuals will try to get themselves stopped for something very minor so they can air it ... just to add to their fan base.”

“They just have one guy who is the organizer and he’s followed by a bunch of people and he’ll post, ‘Hey, next spot is at this street, be quick about it,’”

“Anyone can be an organizer as long as you’ve got enough followers,”

“The problems are the ones on Facebrowser where they invite everyone and their mother and their mother’s friends,” 

“It just hypes up the other groups to come out more often and kind of show that this is how we do it here in L.S.,”


Quotes are taken from: Los Angeles Times. (2020). Must-Reads: In L.A.'s street-racing scene, 'likes' and followers can be just as important as engines and tires.

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