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((  Work-in-progress; subject to change.  References to “preorder” are references to forum PM.  Send PM to @Midsummer Night's Dream using the preorder form when it becomes available in-characterly. ))










SABIN or TITLE:  < please indicate the product's SABIN (if known) or otherwise its full title >

Quantity:   < please indicate number of copies you wish to receive >

Special request:   < if you wish to make any special request to the publisher, enter it in this field >






“Forensic Évidence in the Criminal Court”
SABIN:  191 07 210120 909  



$20 995 



Discover with this practice guide how to present and

give forensic evidence. Trial advocates will find useful

advice on laying the foundation and authenticating evidence;

forensic specialists, analysts and experts will appreciate

tips on how to reliably answer foundation questions, among

others. Forensic Evidence in the Criminal Division is an

essential reading for criminal law practitioners and expert witnesses

who give forensic evidence in the criminal court.



“Navigating the Traffic Court”
SABIN:  191 07 140220 247  

$11 995 



Navigating the Traffic Court provides a clear picture of the

law relevant to the traffic court -- understand how guilt is

determined, and familiarize yourself administrative law principles

applicable to the traffic court and traffic enforcement; ultimately,

feel prepared next time you find yourself before a traffic court.




“Legalease with ease!”  
SABIN:  191 07 020220 487  



$9 777 



Make sense of any legal document with this plainly-written

dictionary. Legalease with ease! is a useful reading for anyone

appearing in court without representation. 


Those with a law background may submit a request to have

A to Z entries grouped into categories by subject-matter.





“Bar Examination Preparation: The Complete Guide”

SABIN:  191 07 120220 480  



$47 779 



Feel prepared and do wonders on the San Andreas Bar Examination

with this comprehensive guide. Easy to grasp, thorough and covers

all the topics on the examination. No need to take a course; learn

in a non-threatening, non-judgmental and self-paced environment.





“Writing for the San Andreas Bar Examination”
SABIN:  191 07 170220 100




$14 000 



(Description pending) 





“The San Andreas Penal Code Annotated”
SABIN:  191 07 270220 900




$82 720 



Find annotations with commentary on nearly every section of the San

Andreas Penal Code (excludes traffic sections). Annotations break down

elements of each crime; while commentaries consider issues likely

to be contentious at trial. Find also hypothetical scenarios and

illustrative cases.


This title does not include defences to criminal liability. 





“The San Andreas Constitution Annotated”
SABIN:  191 07 260220 515




$71 200 



This annotation covers all the prominent clauses of the San Andreas Constitution.

Enjoy rundowns on both substantive and procedural constitutional issues.

The San Andrea Constitution Annotated is basic enough for

general-interest readers, but also useful for practitioners.


This title contains a glossary at the end of each chapter

that may be of benefit to layperson readers.





SABIN:  191 07 290220 111



$96 000 



(Description pending) 





“The Law of Contracts”
SABIN:  191 07 010620 224


$76 000 




(Description pending) 




“Commerce and the Law”
SABIN:  191 07 070620 818



$70 000 




(Description pending) 






More to come  .  .  .  







Please allow for three to five weeks for the fulfillment of any order.  Some orders will require longer waiting periods.  You will be informed by e-mail if this is the case.  You will not be invoiced or charged until your order is prepared and ready to be delivered.













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(( Updated with the SABIN system, the preorder form, and also a revised format.  ))




What is the SABIN system?


SABIN, or the San Andreas Book Identification Number, is a book numbering system unique to San Andreas.  It was devised by LegalisPublius for books originating from San Andreas. 

SABINs are 14-digit, and all begin with 191. Those first three digits help ISBN users outside of San Andreas distinguish between SABIN and ISBN.  It begins with 191 because S is the 19th letter of the English alphabet, and 1 because A is the first.


The next digits signify location of origin in San Andreas and are in a two-digit format: 07 is for Los Santos County, 21 Blaine County.  The next are the date of publication in DD-MM-YY format.  The last three digits are randomized.


The same product in different formats will have different numbers.  Although it is designed for books, some booklets and longer pamphlets will be on SABIN; otherwise, leaflets and other hard copy or digitalized written material will not have an identifier.


For example, for the Bar Examination Preparation, its SABIN is 191 07 120220 480.  This tells you that it was published in Los Santos County (07) and on 12 February 2020.


How to use SABIN


A publisher’s online catalogue should indicate the SABIN for books originating in San Andreas.  If the book is a reproduction of a book which did not originate in San Andreas, it will likely have only an ISBN.  Use the SABIN in the search box to go directly to it.


When ordering on LegalisPublius, you can indicate on the order / preorder form either the title of the product which you are interested in purchasing, or its SABIN.









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(( Resumed and updated above as well as with the information below. ))






The publisher now publishes free guides for the public.  The guides are on narrow subjects and can be found here.  Reselling the Law Guides material is strictly prohibited.  By accessing those guides, users agree not to distribute those guides for profit.  Anyone wishing to report abuse may submit a report to [email protected] (( PM ))

Guides currently in circulation as of 11 May 2020:


Negligence (Vol. 1)

Vicarious Lability (Vol. 1)



Trespass to person (Battery) (Vol 1.)



Contributors to the series may submit an expression of interest to [email protected] (( also PM )).  

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“The Philosophical Framework of Law”
SABIN:  191 07 260620 444




$71 500 




Explore theories underpinning modern legal systems with The Philosophical

Framework of Law.  This title offers a lucid and comprehensive discussion

of theories dating back to Enlightenment Europe. 

From Bentham to Kelsen, and Fuller to Hart, the ideas

leave readers with a transformative understanding

of why and how the law operates the way it does.






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SABIN:  191 07 010720 724
$69 099 



Interpreting legal texts is an inescapable feature of the practice of law.

Practitioners often find themselves submitting competing 

interpretations, which the court must then reconcile

using longstanding canons and other interpretative tools.

With its widely-cast coverage of the usual rules and

presumptions of interpretation, and its exploration of

all the canons and principles of public and judicial policy

relevant to construing legal texts, Interpretation will come

handy to the practitioner drafting agreements in 

their practice, as well as the draftsperson who writes

policy and/or statutes.




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Malpractice in the Professions






With expertise and privilege comes the weight of

great responsibility.  Those who stake their place in privileged

professions are expected to take care and use their

place of expertise in a way which avoids harming others.  

When they do not, civil liability will generally attach.  The law operates

in this way not only in response to the private wrong, but also, ultimately, to

protect the public.  With this manual, readers will explore the liabilities

affecting commonly regulated professions, as well as the 

common exceptions underlying them — exceptions we may

come to call “immunities.”  Malpractice in the Professions is niche; but it

aims to treat readers to a thorough account of malpractice in the world of professions.




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