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Cars/Bikes/Vans & Other Megathread


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Short description: A selection of lore-friendly low-medium range cars, motorbikes and vans.

Detailed description: Okay so we all know that when cars are added to the server, a lot of the time they're of the higher end. But it would be nice to see more low-medium range cars added.


So I've spent the time to look at multiple possibilities that I feel would make nice additions to the server and create more variety for players.

This is purely a list for MODS, not base game cars to be added. I know a few will say "no, add base game cars instead of more mods" but for whatever reason, they haven't done that as of yet. 



SUV and Pickups

Vapid Contender (Replacement) - So this mod replaces the current Contender which, if I'm honest is overpriced for what it offers and there are near enough little to no modifications that can be added to it.

Dundreary Landroamer 

Vapid Executioner

Vapid Sandking SWB - Another possible replacement, or can be added as a standalone.

Kamacho SWB

Vapid Sadler Retro (ADDED)

Annis Hellion XL

Gallivanter Baller Classic

Declasse 550SS

Karin Rebel Sport

Duneloader Clean

Vapid Riata Classic

Declasse Granger Classic

Bravado Gresley Hellhound (ADDED)

Declasse Lentus

Vapid Coyote

Canis Mesa SWB

Bravado Rat-Loader - This is the restored variant that can be an add-on.

Mammoth Patriot Classic

Bravado Mastodon

Dundreary Landstalker Pickup

Declasse Granger Pickup

Vapid STD Thunder 

Annis Hizoku

Vapid Sadler Dually

Bravado Bison Dually

Brute Yosemite

Declasse Alamo

Vapid Caracara 4x4 (ADDED)

Cheval Picador EXR

Vapid Hercules




BF Furzen (ADDED)

BF Rio

Vapid Pincho

Dinka Urban


Brioso Classic

Obey Omnis (ADDED)

BF Ladybird

Weeny Issi Hardtop

Dinka Flash

Karin Futo GT

Bordeaux Garden Shed

Weeny Issi Jolly

Dinka Serena

Rune Baikal

Rune Orbita




Annis Euros

Karin Sigma-Two

Karin Sigma-Three


Vapid Uranus (ADDED)

Declasse Turmalina (Pack of 3 variants)

RUNE Bistro

Annis S-230

Annis ZR-150

Annis ZR-380 (ADDED)

Annis ZR-350

Benefactor Schwartzer Classic

Ubermacht Sentinel SG4

Cheval Dingo

Benefactor Feltzer Sport

Inverto Coquette (Old Model)

Maibatsu Penumbra Retro

Ubermacht Vorstand

Vulcar Warrener Coupe

Shitzu Castella

Bravado Recursion




Vapid Razor (ADDED)

Declasse Tulip SS

Declasse Sabre (ADDED)

Vapid Dominator Classic

Bravado Gauntlet S

Blade Retro Custom




Dinka Millennial Wagon

Obey Argento (ADDED)

Maibatsu Vincent Tourer

Vulcar Nebula Wagon

Karin Sultan Wagon




Declasse Voodoo 4-Door

Coil Taranis (ADDED)

Albany Esperanto - Civilian, Police and Taxi variants available.

Benefactor Admiral Classic

Declasse Merit
Benefactor Spritzer

Maibatsu Vincent Sport

Bravado Buffalo A/C

Bravado Buffalo Hellhound

Declasse Brigham

Schyster Greenwood

Declasse Merit Classic

Regina Sedan

Rusty Emperor (Has improvements for current Emperor)

Bravado Feroci

Retro Benefactors (Glendale Retro, Glendale Retro Coupe, Hard Top Feltzer Classic and Soft Top Feltzer Classic)

Cheval Surge Arrester

Ubermacth Seraph (ADDED)

Maibatsu Revolution

Schafter Classic

Ubermacht Sentinel XS (4 Door)

Ubermacht Seraph XS

Rune Chopin Trefl 

Karin Ariant




Dinka Kuroi

Pegassi Oppressor
LCC Templar

Western Spirit Chopper

Western Motorcycle Company Slave

LCC Verin

Sovereign (Removed windscreen) - Unsure if this is a replacement or an add-on.

KCC Kingz Horse

Supermotard Sanchez

Nagasaki Blazer Recon ATV

Nagasaki Sx6R

Shitzu VTF-650

Principe Lectro Evo

Pegassi Bati 701

Dinka Ventoso

WMC WinterGreen & Sovereign

Nagasaki V-RS



Vans and Truck Cabs

Bollokan Pakunek

Biff Semi

JoBuilt Hauler 270

MTL Cerberus Stock

Hauler Box Truck

Vapid Steed 1500

JoBuilt Juggernaut

Brute Roadkiller

Vapid Benson Classic

JoBuilt Haulmaster

MTL Ramvan

JoBuilt Longpath T1000

Slamvan (Clean) - Removed liveries from the base slamvan, unsure if this is a replacement or an add-on.

Vapid Speedo Express (ADDED)

MTL Cerberus 200 & 300

Surfer CCC

Freightliner Classic XL

MTL Pack (Multiple Trucks)

Bravado Rumpo XL




Dump Trailer

Sentinel XS Safety Car

Classic Vapid Stanier Taxi

Food Delivery Pack

Vapid Sandking Utility

Mesa Lifeguard

Brute Boxville - (New liveries for different food trucks)




Commands to add: N/A

Items to add: Cars and/or Motorbikes

How would your suggestion improve the server? More diversity and options for players to buy low-medium range vehicles.

Additional information: I know, another car thread, rather than having multiple threads maybe we could get this one locked and keep it updated, for the modders and admins to look over.

I have not personally looked at each and every one of these cars in game, due to the time that this has gone up, but I'm more than happy to check them out myself, with other players or the modding team to determine whether they are of good quality.

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There's so many lore friendly low memory consuming car mods, especially from the dudes out at VanillaWorks. There's so much potential to introduce low to medium price ranged vehicles, but for whatever reason, whoever's adding cars to GTA:W is simply throwing out decommissioned cop cars that nobody really cares about. I'd much rather see something low end to medium like Jura linked.


I've been hanging around the VanillaWorks discord long enough to know there's a tonne of low/medium price range cars being introduced and worked on, some still WIP's but lots of potential. And no, I'm not talking about sports cars. I'm talking about your everyday dailies, trucks, vans, shit that would make the environment and immersion on GTA:W pop. New eighteen wheelers and so on.


I personally have a list of a ton of VanillaWorks mods that could work on GTA:W that aren't sports cars or anything flashy that would fit in with the atmosphere of GTA:W where everyone can use them. I get that there's a memory limit for cars (if i recall correctly anyway) but adding in decommissioned cop cars just gets tiring after the first two.


Overall, in full support of these. There's a ton of cheap everyday lore friendly cars being introduced and primarily just ignored.

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13 minutes ago, Jennie said:

Added to the list.


Reminder, if you find something that you would like to see added. Post the link. Remember we're aiming for more low-end - medium end cars, and more everyday cars rather than ricers, sports cars etc.


By all means, feel free to suggest trucks like eighteen wheelers, box vans etc too

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No, this is not me putting a list of the cars I'd want to see on the server. This is a list of vehicles that would benefit everyone on the servers. Truckers? Covered. Illegal roleplayers that carry heavy loads in pickups and SUV's? Check. A sports car here and there that doesn't have a bandwagon following? Check. This here list has a lot of useful vehicles, ranging from hatchbacks, to a coupe or two, to pickups, SUV's, old sedans anyone can buy, and a few sports cars that aren't overhyped to death. Eighteen wheelers for truckers and the whole nine yards. Now, I'm not saying I want all of these added. I'm just saying it would be nice of the modding team to glance these over, test them out and if they're satisfactory, forward them. 


Everyone in the server wants more everyday cars, low end cars, and to that, I say. Why not ask Nervous or the modding team to try getting the IVPack? IVPack is an incredible creation made by VanillaWorks that literally transferred all of GTA IV's cars to GTA V, fully compatible, LOD's, damage models, interiors, gauges, the whole deal. I could list 30+ GTA IV cars that would fit incredibly well on GTA:W, that aren't sports cars but everyday sedans, coupes, hatchbacks and the rest. If we all want normal everyday cars, the IVPack is a perfect solution to that. I'm also pretty sure cars can be individually pulled out from it. 



These are the photos of some of the vehicles from the IVPack. As you can see, they range from everyday sedans, coupes, ran down hatchbacks, eighteen wheelers, a few sports cars, muscle cars, all on the low to medium price spectrum.



tldr IVPack good, big immersion, make community big happy, isnt just catering to one side but to everyone

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