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Family Affiliated Irish Mafia


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Faction closed following the ban of the faction leader for OOC weapon dealing.




Illegal Faction Management has recently been working on heavily improving the quality of factions across the board, this is always a work in progress as one of the main duties of the sub-team, however, if the supplier census has taught us anything it is that we cannot see everything that goes on around the board of illegal roleplay. Regardless, new strategies are being used to monitor this proactively, rather than reactively in order to achieve our goal of hosting the best illegal scene that we can.


OOC deals that occur within factions and between factions can be difficult to pinpoint due to the fact there is usually a web of trust around them, this is why there will always be a struggle in combating these issues unless an involved party comes forwards and lays all out onto the table. Unfortunately, a recently approved faction, Gage Maravilla, and one of the longer term factions, Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM), were found to be distributing weaponry through OOC communications on Discord. This was done mainly through the direct leadership of both of the factions.


We were able to obtain Discord logs of these deals as well as the server-side logs proving that the deals had in fact taken place after coordination via OOC means. These messages included promises of weapons, discussing the type of weaponry available and pricing. These players even went as far as to setup an in-character meeting for the (self admitted) purpose of making future deals not seem OOC.


In a recent announcement, we made absolutely clear that there would be a zero tolerance policy of OOC deals around our suppliers. These are some of the most trusted players within the community and abuse of their position impacts a much larger expanse of factions than just themselves and who they organize these deals with.


As a result of our findings, IFM has taken the following action:

  • Gage Maravilla has been shut down.
  • Family Affiliated Irish Mafia has been shut down.
  • Weston Stigers (Shmoe) has been banned.
  • Nathan Carillo (Skante) has been banned.

We are still investigating further persons involved within this web of OOC deals and we urge anyone to come forwards themselves in order to get a lesser punishment, otherwise every individual found to be involved will be banned from the server.



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