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Taxi Job Improvements


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1. Fix taxi callings. Automatically after 2-3 minutes cancel a taxi order from a call base with a massage:

* Unfortunately, there are no available taxis * 

To avoid situations when a person orders a taxi, but you accept other order that was made 40 minutes ago and is no longer relevant, which also hasn't been canceled.


2. Fix taxi meter.  Sometimes it's bugged and at the time of a taxi stop, for a short time (To drop a passenger or type a message in the chat box) taxi meter stop working and you need to turn it on once again. The fare is erased and starts anew. 


3. Make taxi license useful. Current taxi license need only for renting a taxi for 300$ per hour from a taxi park, but if you've own taxi, you don't need it. 


Make it possible to purchase and rent a taxi only if you have a license. But drive a taxi without it. Also, add the license not in the inventory, but in the line next to the driver’s license, so that the police will be able to check you for a license to drive a taxi. In the absence of a license, you will be fined. In the case of repeated driving violations without a license, a taxi will be towed. This will create rp opportunities for illegal taxi drivers and police department.


Commands to add: /tls - to show a taxi license.


P.S. About the licenses, it's a topic for discussion. They could be a phisical object and to be in inventory. (Driver license too). With a serial number and full name. So it could create opportunities for a new profession - forgery of documents and licenses.  But in my opinion, no matter how I like it, this will only create a lot of confusion and is not so necessary at the moment. 


UPD: Display orders and cancellations only in the taxi itself. It so happens that starting to work as a taxi driver, and getting out of the car, you continue to see orders in the chat line.

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7 minutes ago, Roller said:

I've got this idea on my mind to create an opportunity for people to taxi with their own cars, like UBER. You could get employed, pay like 30-50% off each ride to the company (NPC, basically) and you can drive people around in your own vehicle. That'd be crazy for legal/illegal roleplayers to make money on side.

That'd end up with a bunch of racers driving people around for free as an excuse to show off their pimped cars

I'm more supporting the idea of adding more taxi models and helping that industry instead. There arent enough normal taxis so you can put uber in.

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