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Los Santos based agency that will be the forefront of providing models for companies in areas of the advertising industry; commercial, advertising, and fashion modeling. The team here at Elegance Marketing are young, dynamic, passionate and diverse. We are very passionate when it comes to our models and clients. We are proud to be launching and hope that you will join us in our venture to better the modeling landscape within Los Santos.


Elegance's aim is to create a unified voice for the LS model industry. Its activities are informed by the main objective of its members which is to discover, develop and represent fashion models so as to enable them to enjoy profitable, safe and fulfilling careers.
Members meet at regular intervals and maintain an on-going dialogue with clients from all sectors. These dialogues are conducted with the view to enhancing the working conditions and welfare of the models which the Elegance members represent.



1. Promote the interests of fashion model agencies which in turn have a duty to manage the careers of their models to maximum benefit

2. To maintain good health and wellbeing of models

3. To maintain the ethical standards of the modeling industry

4. To provide a voice to the media

5. Public point of contact for inquiries

6. To provide a clear route for models to report, in confidence, any incidents of harassment and abuse

7. To ensure that when models leave Elegance they've got a portfolio of work and have boosted confidence.



Social Media

Selena Winslow

Natsumi Uchiyama

Craig Warren

Rina Lee

Huck Dickens

Frederick Lane

Elliot Byers

Skye Love
Frederick Lane
Yoo-na Whang
Alyx Rodriguez
Jake Carter
Evanglyn Blackwood
Jazmyn Hollo
Leo Carter
Adriaan Pretoria



Find and follow our models on their social media to keep up to date with their journey within Elegance and what they do outside of Elegance. Take a look at their individuality and cultivate an elegant mind.


To join our team use this link here to explore the requirements needed for this company.







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