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Nervous    3,542
Feature Showcase: Corpses


When killing a player, his corpse will remain on the ground (even after /acceptdeath)!


You're be able to:

  • Drag the corpse around
  • Lift the corpse into a vehicle
  • Drop the corpse into the water
  • Destroy a vehicle containing a corpse (burn it for example)
  • Bring the corpse to a funeral
  • Bring the corpse to the morgue
  • & much more!


Dragging the corpse around is painful and difficult : the animation system allows us to replicate the struggle you would experience.








Just press Y next to a corpse to start dragging it! If you're next to a vehicle, it'll open a menu where you can either drag the corpse or place it into a trunk.


/cdamages - Lists damages made to the body

/ctrunk - Adds the corpse in a trunk

/takecorpsefromtrunk - Takes a corpse from the trunk

/cmorgue - Adds a corpse in the morgue (Coroners only)




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