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Los Santos County Sheriff's Department

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The rest of these are screens I held onto during the op. Too much content not enough screens for them, I may make some more.


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Edit: No longer the case. See my post like a page later.




For those that don't have access to SD forums, and since I keep getting DM's going 'yo dude what's going on,' summary of recent change-ups post from Jonesy:



I'm going to start off by saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry to my friends who I had to demote, I'm sorry to the faction who did not expect what happened. I individually went into the majority of my GTA:W friend's discord dm's and personally told them that they were being told to step down to Field Staff after hundreds, if not thousands of hours of hard work.

I expected pushback, I expected to be called an asshole. But these people did something even worse, they understood what was happening and accepted it. Some even apologized to me. This was probably the worst thing that they could have done because I know how good of people they are. I do not expect everyone to be happy with my return and the events surrounding it and I expect a significant amount of pushback from the Field Staff and Supervisors and I will do my best to answer and discuss these concerns with every single one of you.

This leadership change was sudden and after being advised what was going to happen, I admittedly did not have much time to prepare for it and I had to formulate a plan in a very short time. While I will not pretend that I am an unwilling pawn for the powers that be, I returned to do this controversial and upsetting thing because it was going to happen with or without me at the helm and I felt that I had to step in to mitigate the massive shockwave of what very well could've spelled the end for the faction.

While I am limited on how much I can say regarding this whole situation, multiple stakeholders were involved in a discussion regarding some long standing issues with the Sheriff's Department and its leadership. Among the catalysts were inactivity and a lack of involvement and attention paid to the custody aspect of the faction. I need to stress that the most recent terminations were not the reason that this happened, and while I understand many recently removed faction members are attempting reinstatement we're going to be discussing them at length and determining the best course of action in tandem with Legal FM and Server Management.

I also apologize, wholeheartedly, for my mistake in placing another executive staff member in Patrick's ceremonial role. This was an absolutely abhorrent oversight on my part, and left a lot of people thinking that I do not care about Patrick or his immense contribution to this server as a whole. Patrick will always retain his role as the SOD Chief, and after discussions with those close to him splitting the role into two positions, one honorary and forever in his name, was what we felt was best to go with. We also intend on getting a more permanent thing in-game for him, working towards an SEB station named after him. If you have a concern about this and how it is handled, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Once again, this was a major error on my part and I hope that I can make it better and continue to do an amazing young man justice.

I promise that once everything is settled this weekend, I will open my DMs up. I want to hear from each and every one of you and what you think.

But I also want to look forward to what this faction has in store.

1) We wish to return to the SD's roots, a primarily IC=IC LEO faction that provides high quality roleplay and character development for both its members and the community. This does not mean doing whatever you want and pretending it's training day, there's going to be limits very similar to when I was Sheriff last. This also means that there's going to be an emphasis on character development and interactions between characters, their supervisors, and everything else. One thing that illegal RP has on LEO roleplay is the quality of interactions, and we're going to be working on different ways to bring those level of interactions in.

2) The inclusion of a more advanced patrol structure where planned events, IC meaningful interaction with your chain of command, and more large scale law enforcement operations and advanced patrol investigative capabilities are some of the things. We don't want patrol to feel like a waiting spot for specialized assignments, because Patrol has so much more available than meets the eye. We intend on making patrol the backbone of the Sheriff's Department.

3) Custody gets the love it deserves. As you all know, I was a huge fan of custody and while I fucked up my jail hours a couple times, I still love the jail and all that's involved with it. Stephen will have full reign to make the jail and the custody section the best part of the SD and something that people are excited to be part of, not a monthly chore.

4) A comprehensive "respectful workplace" policy, both IC and OOC. I will lay out the groundwork for how people are going to treat each other and encourage the Sheriff's Department to both be a high standards faction but one with the motivation to teach new players to meet and exceed our standard. I intend on having this done by the weekend.
Listen, a lot of you are doubting me right now. This night was hell and I've received some well-earned disdain for my actions. I took this task on because I believe that despite what has happened, the SD will persevere but it needs all of you to be able to do it. It needs good roleplayers and good people who get along to prosper and survive. Because our members are the reason that the LSSD is the best faction on the server, you will all be kept in the loop and given as many opportunities to provide feedback as possible. Monthly feedback forms will be brought back in and all Executive and Command staff members will avail themselves to answer any questions or concerns in the coming days and weeks. And those of you who were in the faction under my last two reigns, I will do EVERYTHING I can to make sure your feedback is answered and in a meaningful way so you know you voicing your opinion contributes to this faction's direction.

Thank you for reading.


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As someone who's never set foot in sheriffs, but merely observing from the LSPD side of the fence. I actually feel for my brethren in tan. Personally I've had plenty of very interesting talks with current (Read: Former) Executive staff. People who I don't particularly hang out with on the daily, and have differences of opinion with. But that made the conversations we struck up all the more interesting. Doing so, I learned these were people who actually put in monumental amounts of effort for the betterment of the faction. Red in particular has been serving as bouncing board for myself in terms of idea's and initiatives for mutual cooperation between LEO factions. I've seen him deal with so much stuff, different every time I talk to 'm to the point where I genuinly found myself wondering where he found the energy to keep up with it. And he's just one person among many who share the effort & dedication put in. 


Seeing those people thrown out all the way to the bottom end of the totem pole without as much as an acknowledgement of services rendered, or anything akin to that. I wholeheartedly understand the slap in the face many feel. 


To me, this seems like another example of an over-the-top-nuclear solution to a problem that required precision. The use of the proverbial hacksaw opposed to the scalpel. Leaving the faction that was moving forward one step at a time, thrown back miles down the road. 


I'm rather disappointed at yet another example of intervention from the highest branches of admins without any form of clarification, general adres to the public or transparency in general. Leaving me genuinly wondering if this was truly intended with the betterment of the faction, or if this was a biased intervention based on hearsay. I urge those with facts to come forward and actually explain to the rest of the community what happened, what warranted such draconian actions.. To go as far as uproot an entire executive staff team..


In closing, I feel sorry for the people in the SD who are going through this, and feeling completely demotivated and mistreated. And I hope some much needed clarification gets released to the public. 

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Honestly this episode just kind of proves that all your hard work in any legal faction can be thrown away on a whim due to backroom dealings. It’s demotivating on a grand scale.

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One aspect of GTA World that was supposed to be pivotal was the aspect of transparency. If you do not highlight actual issues, when Red. leaves his position, how will the next generation of leadership know what not to do? This seems like as others described a hacksaw to a scalpel problem, and it raises the question what the intention was. 

I feel that the server, but in particular the faction of the LSSD deserve to know what brought the faction to this point. In particular the Command Staff who were taken by surprise by this whole thing.

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The faction had changed dramatically from the faction I joined back in May 2021. People have differences of opinions on how factions should be led and what direction they should be pushed into. I personally did not like the way the faction was perceived by illegal RPers. Hopefully this change can get the faction back on track! Long live Rick Washington. 

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