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[Saints News] DRESS TO IMPRESS (nightwear, lingerie) [18+]


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This content is unsuitable for people under the age of 18.






Good day, readers! It has been a while since the last publish of our celebrated fashion blog. As our sincerest apology, we aim to provide a more frequent flow of these blogs for Saints News, which will relatively soon include a male model as well. In that regard, "Dress to Impress" is also satisfied to announce that our little sanctuary now has two new model additions, Jade & Geo.


If there ever was a cloud of mystery behind what "Dress to Impress" really is, we'd like to unravel that enigma now. 


The primary intentions behind these informative blogs are self-explanatory. To provide innovative and convenient solutions when it comes to your dressing strains. Majority of the clothing pieces we combine are already fairly accessible within the clothing stores across Los Santos. As it stands behind every article, our disclaimers also state that under no circumstances do we take any claim to be all-knowledgable when it comes to fashion. Open criticism and suggestions will naturally always be dearly embraced for our blogs to improve!


To return on the main subject of the blog. Today's fashion cover will give lingerie a focus, particularly how to return that notorious confidence back in the bedroom. When your first thought regarding these provocative wears lingers within your mind, the majority of the crowd automatically assumes that it has something to do with lust and sexiness. While it stands that these wears are out there to satisfy your partner, it also exists for the ladies who want to please themselves. A hope to return the resolution back and present the lingerie style under a different light. Embrace the liberty a modern society provides, experiment and find joy in the unknown. You can always toy around with your lingerie sets. Be playful one week, and domineering the other. Set up your own environment and live in a fantasy of your own, stress-free.


Additionally, we'd like to give our own input when it comes to usual do's and don'ts when it comes to how you wear your lingerie.



  • Buy it cheap. If the situation comes down to it, your partner is likely is going to rip it right off of you, so it’s not like you need anything elaborate.
  • Don’t inform your partner that you bought lingerie. Maintain that element of surprise.
  • If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, you can get babydoll lingerie that covers the area. The point of wearing lingerie is to look sexy, but you won’t look sexy if you’re uncomfortable.
  • Wear heels. If you’re going to go through the trouble of wearing lingerie, you might as well slip into some sexy shoes to complete the look.
  • You don’t have to start off by wearing garter belts and nipple tassels. You can wear a lacy nightgown and it’ll make your partner equally as entertained.
  • Take pictures in your lingerie to feel like you got your money’s worth.
  • You know what color you look best in, but you can never go wrong with black or red.
  • If you think the outfit is missing a little something, add a necklace (or a collar).
  • Put your lingerie underneath your clothes and then wait until you’re out in public to let your partner know it’s hidden there. Finding out will be an instant turn-on, especially when you’re surrounded by other people.
  • Or, if you don’t want to wear an entire outfit under your regular outfit, wear crotchless panties with a skirt instead. It’ll have the same effect.
  • If you’re brave, you can steal an idea from the movies and wear a trench coat over your lingerie. Show up at your partner’s house wearing it, and then drop it as soon as you get inside.


Today's presentation will excitedly feature our new model, Jade! She was more than happy to co-operate and for that, we express our eternal gratitude for this amazing team-efficiency that we had during the photo session. You'll be seeing her in our future blogs too, as one of the leading models for "Dress to Impress".



























As it stands, tastes can be disputed, and I certainly do not claim to be all-knowledgable when it comes to fashion. My aim here was to provide a swift and easy solution to those that cannot seem to trigger their fashion senses. For deeper research, I strongly advise that you check actual modeling and fashion websites.



Stay tuned for more stories, and as always, contact Saints so that we can broadcast them!





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Username : SwayzeExpress

Comment : People act like it's the first time they picked up an magazine. Nothing wrong with this section. Women browse it to get ideas on how to impress their men and men browse it on various different reasons.

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Username:  Couture13

Comment: Out of all the endless possibilities you could do for a fashion blog you pick matching sets..? Incredibly disappointing. If you’re not going to display actual fashion I recommend you find a new gig. 1/5 stars.

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