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114, LSPD Metropolitan Division


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"The Metropolitan Division is responsible for the suppression of serious threats to the public, ranging from the response to riot incidents, the provision of Tactical Support Platoons for active-shooter scenarios and housing the Los Santos Police Department's D Platoon, H Platoon & K-9 Platoon"








(( This thread is meant to showcase screenshots of roleplay scenarios of the Metropolitan Division and its officers. All showcased scenarios happened in-game and therefore it happens that some names or details could be left out as it could violate LSPD's internal policy.

This thread is entirely Out-Of-Character and is not meant as an In-Character information source. ))


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Joint response, barricaded incident. C and K-9 Officers debrief and wrap up after the successful negotiation and surrender of a suspect who had barricaded themselves in an RV.


K-9 Platoon Training. New handler recruits learn the fundamentals of the platoon and working with a police working dog.




C Platoon Training. Tactical Support Officers regularly train in a variety of scenarios to make sure they're ready for anything.





Search Warrant Execution in Grove Street. Tactical Support, SWAT and K-9 regularly search and clear houses in support of other sections of the department.



Captain Max having a photograph with police K-9 Bolo at the dock.



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C Platoon training, demonstrating a felony stop




Metropolitan K-9 Platoon, night time tracking with Captain McGill and Apollo. 



Up and Away with XRay!



Search Warrant Execution in Grove Street. 



Night time tracking with Captain McGill, K-9 Hastings and members of C platoon. 







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