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Shelby Thorne


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Shelby Thorne

All was well with Ms. Thorne, a nineteen year old, fresh high school graduate for the large majority of her life. Shelby was on the path to vast success. Born and raised in the bustling city of Los Santos, that is all Shelby knew. She had hardly been traveling and almost never went up to the deserted areas of San Andreas. Shelby spent all her schooling years grinding it out, grades were the only thing that mattered, thus her social life swindled away. With no guidance left, and the decision to take a leap year before she goes to college made Shelby was lost. Turning to the night life of Los Santos for entertainment probably was not the best idea Shelby has ever made, but she is experiencing something far different than books and schooling. Her parents made a deal. If she stopped going out at night, getting drunk and potentially doing illegal drugs, she could live in the apartment complex like she has been. Otherwise, she would be kicked out. 


The Beginning









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