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The Conti Crime Family

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Listen up fellas... Now I'm not one to do this type of stuff, but I got something to say. I've just received word of the news regarding Nicholas "Nicky T" Trisano and well... what can I say, I'm one proud motherfucker right now. Not many people truly understand the level of blood, sweat and tears that go into all of this, and I'd just like to publicly announce for the history books that I was in fact there. I witnessed all of this. I saw Nick go through the trials and tribulations of "the life" and I was, dare I say it, right by his side the entire time. Congratulations and godspeed my brother. 

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I'm going to make this sweet and simple:


Well done to John "Tuna" Capra and his promotion. One of my favorite, if not my favorite character on gtaw. Very well deserved after his months of RP and can't wait to see what else he has to offer and our future RP ?.


"Mikey, ya fuckin' asshole. There's too much mayo in this sandwich".



Congratulation to Nicky Trisano! One of the best RPers that I've had the privilege of RPing with. Very well deserved after months of  top-notch RP; making my RP experience what it is today. ?


"This is horrible, Mike. It's tacky, lowbrow and degenerate. I can feel Lucifer himself looming in this joint."



 Well done to the other gents that got their promotions! ?

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Always a pleasure following this faction. Congrats to all those who got their recent promos!


Shoutout to Nicky and John Capra, two of my favourite characters in GTAW.

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