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The Conti Crime Family

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"Mafia is a process, not a thing. Mafia is a form of clan-cooperation to which its individual members pledge lifelong loyalty. Friendship, connections, family ties, trust, loyalty and obedience -- this was the glue that held us together." - Joseph Bonanno


The Conti crime family, sometimes referred to as the Los Santos crime family can trace its roots back to the Clinton Avenue Crew. The organization became prominent in late 2017 as a San Andreas-based satellite crew for the Kansas City mob, the Civella crime family. 
As the Clinton Avenue crew grew in numbers and developed more autonomy, it was referred to as the Los Santos crime family. With this new title, not only did the organization become a significant player, but it also began to catch the attention of various law enforcement agencies. 
As the Kansas City old guard began to catch more heat from federal law enforcement entities, it was clear that someone would go down. The foreshadowing all came true after Roy Capra's arrest a few weeks after Peter Conti and Thomas Alo's induction into the Los Santos crime family. Following Roy Capra's arrest, the remaining members of the Los Santos crime family would fall off the grid leaving only Peter Conti to operate within Los Santos. 


Rise Of Peter Conti

After months of expanding his power base and his crew's influence, Peter Conti soon had to solidify his position and his crew by eliminating the threats to his new regime. Thomas "Verbatim" Alo, another LSCF captain, resurfaced and was found gunned down a few weeks after returning to the city. Peter Conti sent his associates, Dominic "Ted Bundy" Altomare and Daniel "Pretty Boy" Santoro, to eliminate James Padanova, a suspected informant. 
Following Peter Conti's regime's growth and expanse was a period of peace; Conti utilized the connections and resources of his soldiers further to strengthen his grasp upon Los Santos' criminal underworld. Through illicit trade, as one of Conti's soldiers, Joseph Campagna, has been said to have been a significant player in Los Santos' drug trade, having pumped an abundant amount of narcotics such as cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy into the market.
Following the deaths of Alo and Padanova and the inductions of Joseph Campagna, then later, Dominic Altomare were made members of the family. Los Santos had all but formally cut off its ties with Kansas City. Lacking Kansas City's support, Conti and his people soon saw the city return to being free for all between various crime families through their satellite crews. It would be the beginning of the first "war" for supremacy. 


Wild Wild West
Two long-term associates, Henry "Hairpiece" D'Amico and Daniel "Pretty Boy" Santoro, were inducted as made men and given the task to handle the encroaching crews through elimination or subjugation. After a few months of the conflict, the duo completed their job through the Vespucci Beach-based Lagrusa crew's subjugation. A few weeks after, word went around that the remaining members had all left the state. 
With contending crews being taken care of, the term Conti crime family began coming into play in some circles. Meanwhile, back in Kansas City, the group would still be referred to as ingrates and pretenders. With the new name, however, the organization saw an increase of influence throughout the state as it enjoyed a time of growth.


Conti Golden Age
As the organization grew, upper management opened the books for a long-term associate of Peter Conti's, Gerald Marchetti. His induction into the ranks led to the first crews being established within the family. With Daniel Santoro and Gerald Marchetti both at the reigns of their respective crews, the crime family's reach began to creep into all aspects of Los Santos through the procurement of government contracts and control over the drug flow into the city. Under Dominic Altomare's direction, Daniel Santoro and David Pillini were often sent out to deal with other organizations in the town, the trio preferring to have business partners instead of rivals. This doctrine was enforced by the upper echelon even further as David Pillini was sent out of state alongside John Carrone and Donald Birchese to strengthen business relationships with organizations throughout the United States' sunbelt region.   


A Few Bad Months
What was referred to as the "Golden Age" continued as Carmine "The Weasel" Gallo, Nicholas Trisano, and John "Tuna" Capra were brought in as made men. This making ceremony would have been the beginning of the end; however, long-term associate and prospective member Marco Caruso was stabbed to death weeks later. However, after a period of internal conflict, Carmine Gallo would be the only one of the three left alive. 
After the death of two members and a handful of associates, the organization began to pull the San Andreas Bureau of Investigation's attention. SABI, relentless in its efforts to arrest the Conti crime family's leadership, put the organization into a mothballed state as members went off the grid to avoid investigation. The SABI probe would have been the first time a State or Federal agency launched a long-term investigation into the family directly instead of one of the schemes they were involved in through proxies.


The Renaissance 
After a few months going from city to city throughout the South-West, Conti associate and prospective member David Pillini was called back to Los Santos by Dominic Altomare. With his return also came the return of the organization's prominence within the criminal underworld in a few weeks. Associates of the Conti crime family such as James Granillo, Michael Farina, Hugh Calilri, and made members like Carmine Gallo and Daniel Santoro would be critical for their new criminal schemes.
Once again, the crime family in a position of power soon opened its books and inducted James Donnelli, Lawrence Zampa, James Granillo, and David Pillini in as made men. While each of these men took care of their duties, more prospective members such as Michael Farina, Hugh Caliri, Ricky Castellani, and Brandon Falasco saw themselves being brought in as made members as well. In Conti fashion, the newly made individuals were constantly sent out to deal with external problems. In this case, David Pillini, Hugh Caliri, Ricky Castellani, and James Granillo were used to stamp out the competition on the west side of the city and return the family to its powerhouse status.


Cutthroat Politics
As Dominic Altomare oversaw the family's return to the top in the criminal underworld, Peter Conti continued to see that his influence was everywhere within the city's government. During the mayoral elections of 2020, the Halford campaign saw itself bankrolled by Peter Conti to gain control over the mayor upon his victory. However, this dream was short-lived as, after a few weeks in office, Halford turned on Conti by outing him publicly for attempting to bribe him. Oswald Halford ousted Peter to distance himself from the crime boss but was met with proof of his corrupt actions surfacing. Halford was promptly arrested for perjury; Peter Conti cooperated with the district attorney's office to avoid Oswald's allegations.
After being exposed during the Oswald Halford corruption scandal, Peter Conti fell off the grid, leaving the family had to deal with the spotlight being shined on Vinewood. With Peter Conti gone, it was only natural for underboss Dominic Altomare to take the helm. 


Spreading the Gospel
Under Dominic Altomare's leadership, he brought the family's old priorities back to the forefront of criminal doctrine. 
After an internal reorganization, Gerald Marchetti and James Donnelli joined Dominic Altomare within the upper echelon. Carmine Gallo and James Granillo, the two newly appointed captains, continued to oversee most day-to-day business as the organization's influence began to grow once more. Paul Martino's induction only continued to bolster the ranks of the made members within the crime family.
Alongside Paul Martino's making came a return to the control of drugs following into the city through David Pillini's out-of-state connections. With the grasp of product flowing into the city, old alliances with organizations throughout the state were rekindled. The crime family also forged new partnerships through the distribution of narcotics and firearms throughout the state.
As the criminal underworld within San Andreas continues to house multiple wars between different organizations throughout the city, the one bulwark that seems to be unconquerable remains on Clinton Avenue in Vinewood. 


OOC Information

The Conti crime family reserves the right to permanently kill any aspiring members if necessary. Permission to post screenshots must be given by an inducted member.

Questions or concerns can be sent directly to @pogoyo@Rickaroni or @Puck - all disputes are to be kept off this thread!



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