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12 hours ago, Tsar said:

This is exactly what I though, right. 9 years of not playing LS:RP or any SA:MP at all, now once we got GTA V and roleplay, I've got to try it, at least. ?

You know it mate. Roleplay has changed loads over the years though, a lot to get used to.

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On 11/3/2017 at 1:43 AM, Nervous said:

I've only roleplayed on LSRP, so that's why you'll most likely see a very similar vibe around. All the people I initially brought in are from LSRP, and 100% of my roleplay experience is from it too. Excellent server and community until it became ran by corrupt power hungry people.

I love you sir.

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On 3/26/2020 at 8:56 PM, MayaWilson said:

I personally came from background across a lot of games, especially GMod and GTA V. I started playing on Runescape like 14 years ago+, though. Not really ashamed or anything, honestly. Good game for the time.

why did u copy a comment from the first page lol

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I came from a lot of places, one of those indeed being LSRP. My main character and most developed one there is Kayleigh Prescott, who is already CKed here. LSRP had a great roleplaying environment and Im actually glad I found GTA:World over any other server as it does a good job and replicating that environment, if not improving it.


However, just like any server, GTA:World has its flaws too. I stumbled acros these multiple times but luckly they get resolved pretty quickly sometimes.


All and all its fun to see familiar faces here. Not only from LSRP, but from other servers aswell that I played on SAMP! Like PR-RP (Katherine Reid was my name there, among others) and CO:RP (Katherine Reid aswell).

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My LSRP peak was 2015-2017, before that the community was pretty meh, after that the community became toxic.  I just wanna go back to 2015 and pause time, just as the server went to 600 players, with talk of going to 750. 

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