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Los Santos Fire Department

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Various training from the past two weeks.


Simulated vehicle fire for Academy Firefighters using the prop-car. The flames are powered by propane tanks.





Forcible Entry class with Captain Bernie Jacknall, Engineers Molly Steele and Arnold Sterling.





Leading the rooks! gta-world-2020-5-2-21-45-52.png


Vertical Ventilation class. Cutting the roof open to let hot gases and smoke escape.



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Two fire suppression units with one UrbanSearchAndRescue modified Quint Ladder truck were dispatched to a report of heavy build-up of flammable gas in a sewer line near Davis LTD.



Following a scene size-up, city sanitation was asked to bring information about the sewer lines in the area, inform residents about the danger, and to check if gas could be smelled inside of their residences. A Command and Control station was set near Davis LTD as the scene was secured by Law Enforcement, the city block locked down.




Following that, a ventilation system was set up to push the explosive gases to safer levels around the system, before being pumped out of the system entirely. Making the underground sewer line safe enough for a team to go down and plug the leak.




A USAR led team prepare to lower equipment to find the gas leak underground.




The entry team informs Incident Command of a gas leak coming from the Davis LTD underground gas storage.




With the scene becoming dangerously catastrophic, Incident Command informs Law Enforcement that lower Chamberlain may need to be evacuated. Following this, equipment from the sanitation department is lowered to plug the leak.




The scene is secured further.






The incident is secured with a temporary PVC patch holding back the leak until the City can provide a more permanent solution. The cause of the incident is placed under investigation from there.






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"**BEEP** **BEEP**  **BEEP**  Battalion 1, Engine 71, Quint 32, Support 31, Rescue Basics 72 and 73,  - Police Assist, Grove Street. Reported to be a male barricaded in a house threatening to cause an explosion. Will be a Channel 2 incident. "


Fire department resources arriving on scene begin to size it up and establish operations. Captain I Molly Steele of Quint 32 takes initial command; Davis IC (Incident Command). Shortly after, Command is passed to Captain II Isabel Vasquez of Engine 71. No Battalion Chiefs were available to take over.

"Quint 32 is known as Davis IC. Command Post will be on Grove Street west of the incident."



The IC (Incident Commander) approaches PD for further information. 



The IC speaks with the police officer and requests that the perimeter is increased by about fifty feet either side of the affected property. Captain I Ashleigh Huston of Public Relations 2 is designated the Evacuation Group supervisor with Rescue Basic 73, evacuating nearby properties. 



Captain I Molly Steele of Quint 32 leads the Fire Attack group with members from Rescue Basic 73. They setup an attack line and grab their tools in case they need to fight a fire in the structure. 



Before Firefighters can progress with any operations, the suspect exits the house and charges officers while wearing an Improvized Explosive Device (IED). Subsequently, the suspect is shot and killed by Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT). Emergency traffic is sounded for all Firefighters to take cover. 



Firefighters back up away from the IED as Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EoD) experts from the Los Santos Police Department arrive. They utilise a Fire Department's Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) to assess the temperature of the explosive device - a small propane tank covered in oil.



After co-ordinating with LSPD's EOD expert, members advance towards the device with a fire hose line ready.



The hose line is charged with a foam and the device is subsequently cooled to prevent ignition. 



Shortly afterwards the incident becomes static and members begin to pack away. Davis Incident Command is concluded and the tactical channel is handed back to the Fire Dispatch. Battalion 1 and HazMat Support 31 were cancelled. 



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