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Los Santos Fire Department

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Los Santos Central Medical Center (South LS) desperately require more blood and have asked us to run a blood drive.  
 This Saturday at 1600 an Ambulance will be positioned in Legion Square, Pillbox Hill, for donors to come and give blood.  
Blood donors save lives! Be a lifesaver and come to our blood drive, meet your friendly EMTs and give blood. 



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The Los Santos Fire Department's Dive Team as photographed during a training exercise off Del Perro Beach today.   

The Dive Team is a group of highly trained Firefighters from the Maritime Division, trained to perform underwater rescues of for example people trapped in vehicles that have gone into the water. #Maritime #LSFD #OnDuty #Training

You can meet our Maritime Unit at the Lifeguard's Beach Party on #VespucciBeach this weekend! Saturday at 3pm.


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Testing out LSFD's new Fire Apparatus:


Jet Pack 1 is a wearable water-backpack pump which allows our Firefighters to fly by providing thrust through two jet engines. The backpack carries up to 3,000 US Gallons of water and can even fight fires in space!

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