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Los Santos Fire Department

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Los Santos Fire Department

"Serving with Courage, Integrity, & Pride"


(( The Los Santos Fire Department is one of the oldest factions on the server and is heavily influenced by the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  We are also the only faction on the server that provides fire and emergency medical services roleplay to the community.


We do our best to portray both the LAFD and the LACoFD, mixing aspects of both agencies into our roleplay to give the community a realistic and enjoyable experience when it comes to Fire & EMS roleplay.  We incorporate several different aspects, including normal EMS & firefighting, technical rescue, hazardous materials, public safety diving, air operations, airport firefighting, wildland firefighting, search & rescue, canine, lifeguard, and maritime firefighting.


We hope to provide the best possible Fire & EMS roleplay that we can to the server and are always open to suggestions and feedback. ))



The Los Santos Fire Department has a long history of serving the public and we are equally as dedicated today as we were on the day of our creation. The first records in the history of our department begin in the year of 1869, however, didn't become effective until 1871, when we utilized a volunteer squad of firemen organized by the current County Clerk of Los Santos under the name ‘Engine Company No. 1’. To aid us in our efforts to protect the city from fires we only carried a single fire engine along with a hose jumper. Our equipment was drawn to the scenes of fires by hand, something we tried to remedy in the spring of 1874 by asking the Los Santos City Council for horses that could pull the engine. Unfortunately, the council refused and the company disbanded.


Thanks to our incredibly dedicated volunteers under the previous Engine Co. No. 1 banner, a great many of them didn’t lay down their duty and instead re-organized under the new name of ‘Thirty-Eight’s Engine Company No. 1’ in April of 1874. A year later a second engine company was organized in May, starting ‘Confidence Engine Company No. 2’.

In 1876 Los Santos acquired its first ‘Hook and Ladder’ type fire engine and placed it with the Thirty-Eight’s. However, the ‘Hook and Ladder’ type engine proved far too cumbersome and ill-fitted for the city of Los Santos and was sold to a nearby town where it could provide better use. One should take note that later that year a ‘Village Hook and Ladder’ truck was purchased and formed a new company, the: ‘Vigilance Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1’. (Later changed to ‘Village Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1’) The truck was used until 1881 when a 65 ft. extension ladder was procured.


The year 1878 a third company was formed in Los Santos which went under the name ‘Park Hose Co. No. 1’. 

A fourth company was organized the year 1882 and went under the name ‘Southern Pacific Company No. 1’. 

The most eastern part of Los Santos also formed a hose company and named it ‘East Los Santos Hose Co. No 2” in the year 1883. Later that same year the last volunteering squad organized the ‘Morris Vineyard Hose Co. No. 3”.


The following companies kept serving their duty as squads of volunteers up until February 1, 1886, when our now, still standing, paid fire department came into existence;
Thirty-Eight’s Engine Company No. 1
Confidence Engine Company No. 2
Village Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1
Park Hose Co. No. 1
Southern Pacific Company No. 1
East Los Santos Hose Co. No. 2
Morris Vineyard Hose Co. No. 3

The fire department would continue to use horse-drawn carriages, which they had been utilizing since 1877, for almost fifty years and slowly phasing them out as the city allowed more resources for the department. The last horse troop to help with our firefighting was phased out on July 19, 1921. Since then the Los Santos Fire Department has done its best effort to stay up to date with technological advances in the field and strives to explore new and more efficient ways of securing the city from any unfortunate fire. The Los Santos Fire Department was awarded a contract to provide firefighting, as well as EMS services, to the nearby city of San Fierro since 1978. 


The Los Santos Fire Department currently adheres to a strict ranking regimen that allows for the most efficient ways of handling any situations that might occur in the city, or in the nearby counties that surround. As a situation first is given notice through departmental hotlines, the most effective way of suppressing fires around the city is through the involvement of the public. When a situation has been established, the highest ranking officer on duty, who of course is available, quickly assembles a team of men and women who will rush to the scene of the incident and then will begin fire suppressing maneuvers that have been taught by our excellent training staff as well as through rigorous exercise drills. The staff is also trained in Basic Life Support, which allows for quick and immediate rescue at any given scene. A few select firefighters of highest prestige has also been trained in Advanced Life Support which means that no task is ever too big for the Los Santos Fire Department.


The Los Santos Fire Department currently holds to the following ranking structure(from highest to lowest);

Fire Chief

Deputy Fire Chief
Assistant Fire Chief

Battalion Chief

Fire Captain II

Fire Captain I


Engineer/Apparatus Operator
Firefighter III
Firefighter II
Firefighter I



Before calling oneself a part of the Los Santos Fire Department, extreme and highly thorough training must be completed by each applicant. The training consists of medical exams, verbal interviews, general fitness checks, mental evaluations, as well as criminal record checks. Should any the above be under critique, the applicant will find themselves denied. This ensures that only the most qualified of personnel are employed under our Los Santos banner.

To succeed as a fireman an employee will need: courage, strength, and determination to serve, must be present. Should any of these qualities present themselves as below par, a review of the fireman in question will be conducted.



Current Leadership


  • Fire Chief Leonardo Holman - (( @Rod ))
  • Deputy Chief Andrew Romero - (( @Lawrent ))
  • Assistant Chief Casey Harper - (( @Mitch ))
  • Assistant Chief Hank Turner - (( @Blorple ))




Former Fire Chiefs

  • Viola Fugate - (( @Bloodseeker ))
  • Jayden Hastings - (( @Frezemis ))
  • Ryan Lionheart - (( @Lionhearted ))
  • Lucas R. Bjorn - (( @Bjork ))
  • Frank Osborne (( @Sharvit ))
  • Issac Hunter (( @Truffle ))
  • Randy Sikes (( @Roadtrain ))
  • Gary Young  (( @Baker ))
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The LSFD is currently organized into Bureaus, which include the following:


-          Operations Central Bureau

-          Special Operations Bureau

-          Emergency Services Bureau

-          Administration Operations Bureau



Operations Central Bureau




The Bureau, which is at the center of our fire and rescue operations, is responsible for overseeing daily activities, including managing personnel and their respective companies. Provide the field staff with the adequate equipment without shying away from introducing new technologies, incorporating or removing vehicles to the fleet, and conducting adequate planning that includes strengthening not only internal performance but additionally effectiveness and building a solid foundation for our firefighters. Educating the public on safety rules that could potentially make a difference in our day-to-day situations is one of the Bureau's additional objectives and fields of focus. The Central Bureau is made up of two battalions and six stations that operate around the clock for both Platoons (Shifts) A and B.



Special Operations Bureau



The LSFD responds to occurrences in the County of Los Santos on a regular basis that are complex and call for the use of professionals with specific skills. Our uniformed staff members actively participate in emergency situations such as firefighting, medical treatment, technical rescue, hazardous material mitigation, and disaster response that cannot be handled by regular staff. it consists of the following divisions:


  • Air Operations
  • Marine Operations
  • Urban Search & Rescue
  • Lifeguards.

The Los Santos Fire Department Special Operations Bureau has a long history of rescue and life preservation, and it has several mutual aid agreements. As the first responder and the coordinator of a large network of qualified personnel from various governmental agencies, it strives to provide the highest standard of response throughout the City and County areas.




Emergency Services Bureau




The county's busiest EMS service provider is the LSFD. Together with Pillbox Medical's support, it supervises the entire EMS system in Los Santos. The EMS Bureau includes: EMS Special Operations, which consists of Cycle Teams, Fast Response Vehicles, and Tactical Medics (TEMS).

The Advanced Provider and SOBER Units are part of the Public Health Unit. These units are composed of an EMS Advanced Provider (Physician or Nurse Practitioner) and an FF/Paramedic. Their area of practice is significantly broader, and they can care for patients with low-acuity or chronic medical problems as well as provide patient transportation and medical clearance to alternate locations including sobering centers and urgent care facilities for mental health.


In order to support one another's efforts, the EMS Bureau closely collaborates with the employees of Pillbox Medical Center.

- EMS staff is permitted to help or work sporadically in the ER at PHMC.

- The APRU & SOBER Unit program is a jointly staffed unit that can respond to specific calls to provide our citizens better mental health care.


The Los Santos Fire Department provides employment options that are focused completely on EMS, giving employees the chance to collaborate with the most skilled specialists working in the field across several agencies.



Administration Operations Bureau


The Administration Operations Bureau of the LSFD oversees the backbone of the LSFD's administrative functions. The Bureau is led by an Assistant Chief and/or a Civilian Administrator. The Bureau Command maintains regular communication with the divisions it supervises, which are Training and Recruitment, Supply and Maintenance, and Community Liaison Office. Each of these divisions is crucial to the operation of the department, the maintenance of stations, and the planning of upcoming events and functions. In order to ensure that each of its divisions is operating at peak efficiency, the Administration Operations Bureau closely collaborates with them and approves significant divisional changes:


- The Community Liaison Unit's primary responsibilities include serving as the Fire Department's eyes, ears, and mouth. In addition to interacting with the community and hosting events, they serve as the spokesperson for the entire Fire Department. Community Liason Office meets with business owners, event planners, and public officials on a regular basis to discuss issues, events, and long-term strategic plans. They also do assist in health and safety talks, trainings, etc.


- The Department's lifeline is the Division of Training and Recruitment. It is in charge of selecting and instructing potential firefighters and EMTs. Members of the division are dedicated, passionate individuals who go above and beyond to support their fellow workers without expecting anything in return. The team is divided into two teams: recruitment staff and training staff.


 - Supply and Maintenance is in charge of the Fire Department's fleet, which includes everything from minor repairs and maintenance to full replacements and fleet management. Is also in charge of keeping every Fire Department property in good condition; with third-party assistance, they keep an eye on every station in the state. Last but not least, they assist other departments with fleet maintenance.

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 Hello everyone!


We'd like to tell you a little bit more about what are the current events of the faction as of late and where its heading.

The premise for this group of leadership and the former FC Young is to completely change the LSFD from what it was, how it was perceived, and more than ever before to elevate the standards of roleplay to portray an actual Fire Department, with proper policies, guidelines, and for its members to represent the faction in a mature and professional setting both on duty and off duty.


The faction, as it is currently, is changing and modernizing many outdated procedures, rules, and SOPs that shift the emphasis from raising recruitment standards to enhancing retention and offering high-quality roleplay. Another one of our objectives is to preserve a focus on community outreach and a strong bond of firehouse roleplay that exists both inside and outside the station.

The Los Santos Fire Department has established itself in Rockford Hills, more specifically in Station 52, starting of July 4th. We've made every attempt to condense our resources into one city station and one county station, which is more centrally located, closer to the general public, and more accessible. (Paleto)



Task Force 52: Movie Star Rejects Official Thread



Beverly Hills is the inspiration for Rockford Hills. There are actually three stations there, with Station 1 on N. Rexford Drive acting as the model for our station 52. it houses multiple large firefighting apparatus such as ladder trucks, fire engines, and urban search and rescue rigs, in addition to the battalion chief who oversees the other stations and, of course, Rescue Ambulances.



Fire Station Fifty-Two is situated east of Rockford Hills in the northern region of Los Santos, bordering the Burton area. High-end stores and the occasional movie star passing by with an entourage of paparazzi are the main features of the neighborhood around the station. The station's size allows for plenty of space for both our heavy equipment and our employees, as well as an underground parking lot.

The station began on July 1, 1925, with a fire chief, two firemen, and one fire engine as the first crew. We've come a long way since then, with our station now employing over 60 employees in shifts to serve the city of Los Santos and its surrounding areas. As the Los Santos Fire Department grew larger, the same was merged with the RHFD (Rockford Hills FIre Department) in 1993.










It's true that some people have asked when our recruitment will open; however, we are unable to give a specific date at this time because we must be certain that we have all the necessary resources. This is because we want to prevent newcomers from feeling overwhelmed and because we want people to enjoy and embrace this type of roleplay and have fun with realistic characters.

What type of characters are we looking for? Lets take a look at some relevant information:

Employee demographics:


For us, realistic characters are those who adhere to the data we present in terms of our IRL equivalent (LAFD). Despite being aware of the need for diversity hirings, less than 3% of the LAFD are women. Despite efforts to increase female employment. Almost half of the 3,200 uniformed LAFD employees are Caucasian, with white males being the overwhelming majority of any demographic across the organization. Those that do roleplay females, on the other hand, are closely scrutinized to ensure they are representing the faction in a mature and professional manner.

LAFD Sworn Workforce Racial Demographics
Caucasian - 48%
Hispanic - 31%
Black - 12%
Asian - 8%
Other - 1%

Character Story


While it is by no means a problem, your story must be believable if your character is applying with prior knowledge or expertise in the firefighting or EMS fields. All of your required training will still be necessary within the faction, and proof will be requested during the employment process.


Although serving in the military is not unusual, we advise you to learn more about the subject of your roleplaying before starting. As we will also be looking into such information, it is advised to search the branch, ages, ranks, and what kind of MOS would go along with your narrative. The majority of military forces require a MINIMUM of four years of service, and the majority of university courses last three to four years or longer. As a result, you would need to be at least 22 years old to apply with such experience.

Keep in mind that you are not required to have any prior expertise to apply for the faction. We provide manuals, field training, and other material as well as in-game training to encourage new players to join regardless of their experience or knowledge both inside and outside of the game.

It's also crucial to keep in mind that you will be taking part in role-playing, which occasionally tends to get intense, graphic, brutal, and detailed.


Assets & Secondary Jobs



It is no secret that firefighters and emergency medical technicians are not among the world's wealthiest individuals. Due to the way the script is structured, you will always have more money than your character would, but that does not mean you may spend it all. In the real world, your Firefighter I character probably wouldn't be living in Vinewood Hills and driving a fast car.

Housing can also be expensive to upkeep with rent, furniture, maintenance, security costs and general living such as food, clothes, outings, travel etc. Certain areas of the map are restricted to particular ranks - i.e Chumash, Vinewood, Rockford Hills - unless you are renting (so long as it's in a reasonable location). We understand that circumstances vary but, for the most part, discourage faction members to own properties in this area until our criteria is met.

Vehicles also need to be considered. A Firefighter's salary is incredibly unlikely to be able to afford high end cars like Jesters, Carbonizzares or VST-Rs. Planes and yachts also fall into the same category - your character is unlikely to be able to afford these along with all the upkeep and maintenance a vehicle like this would require from you constantly.

Secondary Jobs are permitted within the faction to a certain extent. It's not uncommon for a Firefighter or EMT to take up small gigs like bartending during their days off, but this would likely not be a full-time job. This highly relies on common sense. Bare in mind that faction leadership reserves the right to object to career paths which may harm the department.





Certain types of characters or roleplay are either restricted or require an application.

Transgender characters have unfortunately been known to be misrepresented throughout history, which has resulted in unfavorable events and consequences within the group. As a result, before submitting your application, if you intend to roleplay a transgender character, you must speak with and get the approval of a Chief Officer. This can be accomplished by sending a PM to the Chief Officers group containing the character's name, backstory, and motivations.

Characters who are overtly sexualized, regarded insane, or believed to be weeb or anime based are totally barred regardless of application and will not be endorsed by the faction in any way.

If it is discovered that you lied about your character's development/personality during your application, you will be immediately expelled from the faction on OOC grounds.

The new station gives us (leadership) and the faction a fresh start and lays the groundwork for what we want to see in the future. There is a lot of work to be done, a lot of things to improve on, and a lot of things that need help from the higher angels (devs) to become a reality for such a niche faction; this is by no means an easy feat and requires a lot of teamwork. Thankfully, many people in various divisions of the faction are working to make the shift possible and, more importantly, to change the roleplay mentality.

As for the community itself, we're intending to establish new venues of roleplay to interact with the public, that we will be announcing soon!

We appreciate you reading and hope to see you soon!


Useful Links:


discord-logo-discord-icon-transparent-free-png.pngJoin our Discord! 

               (Questions & Answers Channel is available!)



hXKucDC.png - Register in our Forums!





Apply Now!



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