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Chamberlain Mafia Crips

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Chamberlain Mafia Crips (424 Chamberlain Mafia Crips, S/S Chamberlain Crips, S/S Mafia, Chain Gang, 424 Crips, C-CHILLS) have traditionally been a tight-knit gang involved primarily in burglaries, robberies, homicides, and auto theft. Since the late-2000's drug trafficking appears to have become the chief profit-making activity for the gang.

The Los Santos Police Department established a "Youth Gang Task Force" in the early-2000's to address the criminal activities of street gangs. Their findings indicated an increase in gang membership and activity even at that time.

Chamberlain Mafia Crips in Los Santos have aligned themselves with various other Los Santos based Crip gangs. In the neighborhood where the Chamberlain Mafia Crips dominate, multiple CRIP tags have been observed. Total membership for the Chamberlain Mafia Crips is estimated to be between 15 and 25 active members and many more prosperous conceivable members. The gang members recognize the confusion they have created by their changing organizational structure and use it to their advantage. Often times they use hand symbols, graffiti, and other gang affiliation symbols interchangeably.









Chamberlain Mafia Crips are currently the most visible and are believed to be one of the most violent Los Santos street gangs. They are located in South and Southwest Los Santos where heavy recruiting is being conducted in middle and high schools. The gang’s subsidiary counterparts includes the renowned Baby Locs (REF734). The Baby Locs have a population which differs in age, from 9 to 17. The Baby Locs crips strive to become fully-fledged members of Chamberlain Mafia Crips.


Recruitment by the gang is on the increase. Many new members join in a bid to be protected from rival gangs. Others join out of fear of the repercussions of rejecting Chamberlain Mafia Crips or its counterparts.


Heavy recruiting is being conducted in many Los Santos high schools. The most common recruitment method in schools is by intimidation, although resistance is common. Many students carry weapons to school in aid to protect themselves from gang members. Numerous assaults involving firearms and knives have occurred on or around junior high and high school campuses during the current school term. The schools report the incidents are a result of gang recruiting and initiation rituals. 


One initiation ritual requires a prospective member to be physically beaten by other members. The prospective member(s) are expected to commit a crime to be accepted into the gang. In order to move up the ranks in the organization, members must commit crimes of a more violent nature, usually involving firearms.



It has been determined through GND debriefings of incarcerated Chamberlain Mafia Crips members and a rival gang member that several Los Santos gangs and/or individual members are being supplied cocaine by local drug trafficking organizations. Chamberlain Mafia members have stated that some drug traffickers who are currently being investigated or have already been prosecuted in the Southern District of California (S.D. Cal.), are supportive of gang ideology. Chamberlain Mafia Crips members involved in drug trafficking are supplied to some extent by these local drug traffickers. The cocaine is usually distributed by Chamberlain Mafia Crips gang members in the form of crack in the housing projects, around schools and neighborhoods.

Some cocaine and marijuana is being supplied by gang members who travel to and from Los Santos, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Memphis, New York, Oakland and other major cities carrying varying amounts of drugs. These members are not always Los Santos based, but recognize Los Santos as fertile ground for gang activity and drug trafficking.



Further investigation must be conducted in order to determine how the Chamberlain Mafia Crips handle their finances. It is said that the gang purchases firearms and more drugs however that is unconfirmed and undocumented.




As a protective measure, the younger gang members serve as 'lookouts' and 'decoys' for marked police vehicles when they enter gang areas of operation. Other typical methods are used to disassociate themselves from the drug transactions with unfamiliar individuals. 

Former Chamberlain Mafia Crips members have gone on record claiming it is very easy to obtain weapons and claim most members of the Chamberlain Mafia Crips are armed constantly. They advised that the attitude of most Chamberlain Mafia Crips members regarding homicide is that it is considered in the line of duty. 

Chamberlain Mafia Crips members have robbed several liquor stores and gas stations. Chamberlain Mafia Crips members have also robbed local pawnshops where they’re believed to have seized weapons which they use in turf skirmishes, and robberies. Vehicles can be borrowed from suspect car dealers who also provide to the local drug traffickers.


Other sources of supply of weapons must be determined.




At an impoverished housing complex, a reflection of Southwest L.S.
Violence has long been a regular occurrence at the Chamberlain Hills housing development. Crime is down and authorities hope new police tactics will help, but shootings can still come to earth with very little warning.

Chamberlain Hills, one of the oldest and largest public housing developments in Los Santos, has been beset with crippling poverty and gang violence for much of its 75 years.

By Jared Connor
April 7,  2018

Los Santos Police Officer. Jessica Filina  ran across the grass to the front of an apartment. She then leaned ever so gently against the door. "It's open," she said, and her breath quickened. She locked eyes with another officer who was standing across the stoop, gun held tight against his thigh. "I'm going in," Filina said.

The gunshots had erupted in the rear end of the housing development, one of the oldest and largest public housing developments in Los Santos, a place beset with crippling poverty and gang violence for much of its 50 years. It was late on a Tuesday, and it had been a quiet night. Now it looked as though someone had kicked over an anthill.

Looky-loos streamed in. So did police. There were obstacles everywhere: shell casings you weren't supposed to step on; old-timey wire clotheslines, neck-high, that you didn't want to run into. A police helicopter banked overhead; everyone winced at its burst of white light, then pushed on through the dark.

Gang violence has fallen in this corner of Southwest L.S., and civic leaders are laboring to secure some semblance of lasting peace and community -- through new police tactics and city-funded gang-prevention, job-training and other programs.

Defusing Chamberlain Hills is a less daunting proposition than it would have been in years past. But it still comes with complexities: the gang that call "Chamberlain Hills" home, the insular families who've been here from the start. The community reflects what lies ahead for Southwest L.S.: an unlikely sense of quiet and optimism most days, tempered by startling episodes that threaten to plunge the neighborhood back into the more familiar narrative of violence.


Man killed in possible gangland shooting
Man found shot in the head and torso left in a trunk of abandoned vehicle. Experts link the shooting back to rival gang.

By Phillip Young
January 28, 2019

A man, identified as Stafford Duncan, was killed in the street on Thursday evening in what investigators suspect was a gangland shooting, police said.

The man was shot multiple times in the head and torso. The shooting took place at roughly 6 p.m. in the 30th block of Chamberlain Hills apartment complex, said Det. Jerry West of the Los Santos Police Department.

Stafford Duncan had been debriefed as one of the notorious leaders of Chamberlain Mafia Crips. Duncan was found in the trunk of his abandoned Dodge Challenger with his belongings plundered. 

The local law enforcement are trying to defuse the situation as this might spark yet another gang based war in South/West Los Santos.


Gang conflict led to shooting outside high school, police say

June 2, 2019

An ongoing gang conflict between two students escalated into a shooting outside Los Santos High School that left two people wounded, authorities said Friday.

Byron Houston, 18, of Los Santos and two juvenile suspects, including a student at the school, were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, said Officer George Heifer, a spokeswoman for the Los Santos Police Department. The other two suspects were not identified due to them being considering minors under state law. 

The shooting occurred outside the school’s campus about 3:45 p.m. Friday, Heifer said. The clash started on campus and escalated outside the school’s grounds near Turtle Street and West Linea Boulevard, he said.

One of the victims was shot in the leg and treated at a hospital before being released, authorities claimed. The other victim remains in hospital in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the back.

The incident led to a lockdown of the school and the closure of surrounding streets.

Under Houston's debrief, it was clear that the school shooting had its links back to the infamous initiation ritual performed by the notorious Chamberlain Mafia Crips that dominate the south - western neighborhoods.


The Chamberlain Hills Crips have two main areas of operation. Photographed below are the areas (main/secondary).

  • Chamberlain Hills Apartment Complex, Forum Dr (Crystal Heights).
  • Chamberlain Hills Apartment Complex, Carson Ave (All Swell Apartments).






Name: Stafford Cornell Duncan
DOB: 1980-02-12-4391
Sex: M
Race: B
Address: Hill Valley Church and Cemetery (previously: Chamberlain Hills, Forum Dr).
SSN: 409-22-8709
LS DL: K2485368
Notes: Presumed leader of the notorious street-gang Chamberlain Mafia Crips. Deceased, victim of premeditated murder.





Name: Joe Howard
DOB: 1976-11-10-8490
Sex: M
Race: B
Address: Los Santos Correctional Facility.
SSN: 393-64-7574
LS DL: F8593758
Notes: Renowned member of the Chamberlain Mafia Crips street gang, currently serving life imprisonment in LSCF.



Name: Anthony Mills
DOB: 1980-07-25-2291
Sex: M
Race: B
Address: Chamberlain Hills, Forum Dr.
SSN: 946-76-4883
LS DL: P8947994
Notes: Alleged leader of the Chamberlain Mafia Crips. Has done two bids in state penitentiary Los Santos Correctional Facility, on second strike.



Name: Dincent Wright
DOB: 1967-01-27-4402
Sex: M
Race: B
Address: Los Santos Correctional Facility.
SSN: 835-22-9475
LS DL: J4573628
Notes: Well renowned and respected member of the Chamberlain Mafia Crips, rumored to be one of the first members of the street gang.




Name: Shemar Bennet
DOB: 1994-10-11-3029
Sex: M
Race: B
Address: Los Santos Correctional Facility.
SSN: 672-95-9347
LS DL: D3502482
Notes: Serving time in state penitentiary Los Santos Correctional Facility for two counts murder.


The goal of this investigation is to prosecute and incarcerate the hierarchy of this organization through the possible use of the RICO statute, the Hobbs Act statute, the Carjacking statute or the illegal drug statutes. In view of the above developments, UACB, the captioned GND investigation is considered closed.

WARNING: This is an information report, not finally evaluated intelligence. It is being shared for informational purposes but has not been fully evaluated, integrated with other information, interpreted, or analyzed. Receiving agencies are cautioned not to take actions based solely on this raw reporting unless the information is independently verified. A presumption of innocence still exists for any person being reported in this report.

This report has been prepared by the Gangs and Narcotics Division of the Los Santos Police Department. Comments and queries may be addressed to 1-877-ASK-LSPD(1-877-275-5773).



Credits: Jas0n, shotta




Chamberlain Mafia Crips is a gang operating within a housing projects, we are aiming to portray a realistic gang, create a flawless atmosphere around the neighborhood and depict a low level street gang. We are a gang consisting of mainly African-Americans but other races may be accepted. We expect our members to have a clear understanding of the English language. We do not under any circumstances accept intentional rule-breaking in this faction. A big part of Chamberlain Mafia Crips is character development.

  • By joining you are agreeing that if CKed by an appropriate member you will willingly accept the character kill.
  • No excessive use of /b or OOC, keep OOC communications IG to a minimum.
  • No trolling at all, trolls will be removed immediately from the faction.
  • Respect other players and follow the server rules (as well as faction rules given) strictly.


If you have any questions or inquiries, please refer all messages to my private messages. If you wish to contact the faction as a whole, you are welcome to join our Discord: Chamberlain Mafia Crips

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