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Player-Owned Clothing Store System


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Short description:

Player-owned Clothing Store Businesses. Very similar to the LTD 24/7 business script wise. 


Detailed description:

Not sure if this has been suggested or considered before, this might even be in development already who knows. I thought I'd give a pretty solid rundown of how it could work anyway. 

So, player-owned Clothing Store Businesses, that script-wise, would work very similar to the system that LTD 24/7 shops have. For example, like businesses already available in the game, the player can apply to request/lease one through the UCP or even in-character business/negotiations with owners(?). The player would have to set the coordinates of a store that isn't in use by the server of course.


Once the player's application has been accepted, they can then officially start their business ICly, and with map icons, here's how it could look (I use an IC company called 'Sevencz' as an example throughout this post)



So how would the purchasing system work? Well firstly, like all scripted businesses, the player would press 'Y' to bring up the menu and be greeted with the different clothing types (t-shirts, jackets, pants, shoes etc.) that the business has available. While flicking through the different options, the script could change the player's visual appearance (set by the business) matching the highlighted option as shown below. The player would then be able to purchase the item of clothing and then asked to overwrite an outfit slot, similar to the server ran clothing stores. Once purchased, the item would be placed in their inventory through a 'Clothing' option... Here's how some of this could look:


Opening the menu (Y)



Changing the player's appearance




Player inventory slot



Commands to add:



/bjoin (to be employed at the business like the 24/7 stores)

/shop (instead of pressing Y to bring up menu)



Items to add:

Clothing items - visual and scripted (t-shirts, pants, shoes, accessories etc.)


How would your suggestion improve the server?

Would guarantee to bring more RP scenarios and jobs to the server, therefore creating more committed players. This addition would also allow players to flaunt merchandise created by other players, as well as the addition of luxurious high-street clothing chains so that rich characters can flex expensive clothing.


Additional information:

I also created some RP scenarios that could play out if this system was added:





Again, not sure if this has been suggested or considered before but I thought I'd give a detailed rundown of how it could work anyway. There might even be a massive flaw in my idea that couldn't possibly work in the server. Regardless, I thought I'd share this idea with you all. Think this would be a very neat addition to the server, and I'm sure many others would agree. Thanks ❤️



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I really like this idea. Especially if it means that all different clothing articles are named instead of numbered. Like the clothing stores in GTA:O. 


I would totally work in a clothing store if possible. Give people fashion advice. 


If this is already in the works then that'd be great. If it isn't, the way you explained it seems like a fun way to do it. 

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Definitely think this is a good idea, and I love the detail put into the suggestion! I can see moving in this direction adding a lot of role-play potential and i'm fully behind it. +1

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21 minutes ago, andyb0iii said:

My suggestion is purely just for clothing stores, so sure they're kinda similar in the sense that you can create custom items but really they're two different systems.

Yeah. Either way, full support. Would be dope. +1×100.

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I remember this was in FiveRP in its dying days, I don't remember how it worked but I remember that a part of it just required sifting through every single clothing item and naming it. Dunno how hard it'd be to implement, but this has my support.


I guess ped skins will just remain the same though, right? Hopefully - anyway.

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As one of the IC owners of Sevencz, I would really appreciate something like this. It'd give us so much more roleplay. Whenever we start a shift we normally just stand behind the counter or just passively RP throughout the store to ourselves. We don't much player interaction. People just run in, buy an outfit and run out. There's been a few rare cases where people will RP actually buying the clothes. 

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