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Appreciate a fellow Role Player.

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Oh wow, haven't made one of these since forever. Here it goooes!


@Hanz My day one homie right here on GTA:W, the first roleplayer that I truly connected with ICly and then later OOCly. We've kept together through thick and thin since then, through all of our setbacks we've still been there to have each others back. 
A superb roleplayer in all ways possible, HST wouldn't have been possible without you.

@Striker A deep connection with you brother, ICly and OOCly. Superb in your roleplay and really excel when you find your perfect element. Had so many good memories with plenty of characters with you. 
You're held in high regards with me, always!


@TyJ All though we haven't known each other for to long the roleplay we've had so far has been nothing but eggcelent, my favorite egg. You said that I have high standards when it comes to roleplay, all I can say is: UNO REVERSE CARD!

@aliakram11 Same here, we haven't known each other for the longest of times, but you've been there to back me up through everything up to now. Solid roleplayer and an even better person IRL.


@Taina Taina, wow... Where do I even start? I remember when you were not only brand new to the server but brand new to GTA roleplay overall and I was just taken aback. The character development you put into your characters are nothing short but A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I've told you this before and I'll say it again, I've been roleplaying for 13 god damn years and you're easily on my top 3 list when it comes to sheer character development. Everything about your roleplay is TOP tier!


@jessica What can I say? A bit sad we aren't RPing together anymore but such is life. The details you pour into your roleplay rivals anyone I've ever came across. You're such a good roleplayer that everyone around you pushes up their roleplay simply because of you and your roleplay. I cherish the roleplay we had together, it made me grow a lot as a roleplayer. Not to mention that you're a total goof OOCly, the good type of goof.


@JackMiller07 Another day one homie, first of all. Your roleplay, portrayal and the sheer amount of thought you put into each of your characters is nothing short but insane. Don't forget to bring flowers to Fuego's grave when you visit Julia.
We've had sooooo many good times together ICly and OOCly, the best thing about meeting you ICly is the amazing friend I gained OOCly. 
I'm always there for you as you are for me!


@Devil A recent friend that I've met ICly, but you truly are a gifted roleplayers. The development and portrayal on your current character is insane. Truly have an eye for the small details and whenever we roleplay together we raise each others roleplay so much and there's always interesting scenarios up ahead whenever we get together.


@hentai! The wyldin type beat. No but for real, solid roleplayer to the core, high standards when it comes to development and portrayal. 


@Dustyboi Day one homie right here, always had my back and supported me when I've needed it, high quality roleplay and the standard you have for your own roleplay reflects on you as a person IRL, solid guy through and through.


@Powley Tha homie! RIP Teo, miss you and hope to see you soon again, the server needs your roleplay!!!


@Weddz The goofiest of all the goofs in Goofaskowski. Nah but for real, you have a special place in my heart brother. Always focused on development and portrayal and it really reflects on the people around you. 
A solid leader personality, every faction should have at least one of you, but more importantly, every person should have a friend like you!

@Fluff Fluff you fluffy bulli, without you the Hop Sing Tong wouldn't have existed today. The work you've put in is above and beyond and I can never truly find a way to show you the appreciation you deserve! High standards when it comes to development, but most importantly portrayal. 


@Jax The homie, a truly supportive and kindhearted guy, everyone should have someone like you in their corner, not to mention the detail and quality you bring into the game as a roleplayer, a blessing to be around ICly and OOCly.


There's so many people that I haven't mentioned but my fingers can only take so much for now! 

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7 hours ago, Seanny said:

I wanna give a personal shout out to @KaythPlus. She's one of the best roleplayer's I've encountered so far, the quality of her /me's are always amazing, including the level of detail. She's quickly made one of my best friends on GTA:W.

Awwwh thank you so much! I'm still getting used to the server — I come from a community that was very heavy on performance and conversation was lack-luster. Probally cause most people on the community were unable to keep a conversation going. GTA W is a lot different, it's more talkative in casual social situations than it is a performance.


I wish I could tag people who I've enjoyed roleplaying with lately but I just don't know anyones names since I'm so absolutely new to the community. Your character is stunning and super fun to roleplay with, and being able to work in your bar allowed me to meet a thousand more characters. If anyone knows the tags then can mention these people but


Whoever plays Clay from the cafe is a super amazing character. Probally the first male-character I've met on this game who isn't actively pushing in every single conversation for romantic things. Also a wide range of tha taxi drivers really obliterate passive-rp and I've had some really fun conversations with them that seem more meaningful than most. Aand Everyone and Wup Et Dux

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