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[MotorKing] CLOSED for good


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Latest marked in Red.
- Added Stanier Taxi: $35,000
- Added Dundreary Regina: $29,000
- Added Willard Faction: $35,000
- Price Drop Willard Faction: $33,500
- Added Karin Sultan: $52,500
- Sold Dundreary Regina: $29.000
- Sold Willard Faction: $33,500
- Added Declasse Sabre-GT: $47,000
- Sold Karin Sultan
- Added Albany Emperor

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38 minutes ago, Drug Related said:

Do you do trades?


Thank you for your question.
Unfortunately we don't take part in trades between vehicles "yet". If and when we open up the option to trade in your car for another, we will likely update the web with a section for it. Though I doubt it will be anytime soon as we're currently undergoing a remodeling on the website.

Best Regards,
Devin King
Assistant CEO & Web Manager.

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