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Remove "Confirm" Argument From Commands

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Detailed Description

let's just remove needing to confirm commands that honestly don't need a confirmation. /jailcharacter needs it, but things like /clearnotifications and /fixrevive and /buyplayervehicle do NOT need a confirmation argument. 

If anything, give us a toggle which is on by default, where if we turn it off, it lets us not have to type confirm


Relevant Commands/Items

commands with a confirm argument


How will it benefit the server?
QOL. Less annoying

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I think it serves as a tool for people not to claim ignorance anymore. Things like notifications, people can't say they haven't read their notifications, people can't say they didn't want to use /fixrevive etc.


I agree it's annoying, but might be a necessary evil.

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Some of the commands do need that incase someone mistakenly typed it and ultimately didn’t mean to do it in the end. It’s just more of a fool proof system to avoid mistakes from happening. 

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