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Staff Update - July 2024

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Staff Update

July 2024



Welcome to the July 2024 edition of the Staff Update!


It's been a BUSY month for us here at GTA:W, and we're thankful to have our entire staff team along for the ride. 


At this time of year, we regularly begin to see newer players join and experience the community for the first time, as they hit summer break, some of us decide to take a break to focus on other priorities in life, or take the time to get away, but one thing that's always fascinated me about GTA:W we constantly have a thirst to keep moving, changing, and adapting, building our community up each and every month and we see that even through these periods.


Each month, we review every staff application that comes in, and it always astounds me at just how much interest we continue to get to help serve this community, and we're beyond grateful to all of you who come back, play, and choose to contribute your time to help making what we do here even better. Sometimes you might not make it, but we always try and offer feedback and suggestions so that if helping out here is something you're truly interested in - then we're just as interested in helping you achieve that.


Today is a special day for two of our team in particular, both @Giga and @Fenris have served our team for two years concurrently! They've been a part of Property Management, and Staff Management respectively, and both have made a huge impact on the areas of the community they have worked in. We cannot thank them enough for their continuing efforts, and we're very grateful that we get to have them here throughout the future too.


Unfortunately sometimes we have to say goodbye, too, and its with regret this month we say goodbye to @slothy and @Naeno - both who have been working hard for the past year in developing and leading Illegal Faction Management. We know that you've chosen to take a break from the roles, but we're grateful for all you did in helping keep things going, and developing our ever growing illegal community. Some changes of note they helped pioneer through the team were updates to revamping the drug system, a whole rules of engagement refresh, as well as work on the chop shops.  Because of your dedication, hundreds of people have been enabled in different ways to help create areas of roleplay and you've guided and delivered new standards to them all at a very important time. Thank you, you'll both be sorely missed.


We also have to say goodbye this month to @Exodus, who we're grateful for his service to the community over the past few years. Exodus has been one of the longest serving members of RPQM in his time here, and helped pave a new way for RPQM to work, laid out standards and put together a team which continues to work to ensure that our standards are met. Not only that, but over his time in the community as a modder he's also contributed a ton of faction, and non-faction related content. We're going to miss having you in the team, Exodus, and thank you for all you've done to try and make GTA:W a better place.


Development Update

Over the last month, our developers have continued to work incredibly hard to deliver new features, as they do each and every month to the server.


Notable updates this month include a new Stretcher for ambulances, More ringtones and SMS Notifications, a script option to knock somebody out, as well as too many fixes, and changes to additional functionality to list! 

We've also seen the modding team, as well a DLC from GTA, bring us tons of new vehicles which have been made available either via Property Management, or in our Garage's ingame. 


We know that the developers are cooking up more and more features each and every week and we can't wait to see what comes next!

This month's Stats

Over the last month our team have answered:

Forum Reports
Asset Transfers
 Refund Requests






Staff Promotions


This month we'd like to recognize the following staff members in their advancement through the staff team:


colorlessrainbow Promoted to Senior Administrator Property Management
Euphoria Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
Deveroni Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
vandalism Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
Hendrixx20 Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
Debo Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Steel. Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Brant Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Nabito Promoted to Trial Admin
Ki89 Promoted to Trial Admin
Crownista Promoted to Trial Admin
tayswiz Promoted to Senior Support
Ramesses Promoted to Senior Support
Halcyon Promoted to Senior Support
Stevefish Promoted to Senior Support
For Ever
For Ever Promoted to Senior Support
WanHeda Promoted to Senior Support
Survivalmaster Promoted to Senior Support
fall of the titans
fall of the titans Promoted to Support
Boody Promoted to Support
onlydemia Promoted to Support
eris Promoted to Support
SlymeLyfe1090 Promoted to Support


Congratulations to all those who were promoted, and thank you for your dedication so far. We look forward to seeing you all flourish in your new roles going forward. Welcome to those of you who are new, we look forward to seeing you flourish as part of our team.


Have an amazing July!


Note: all applicants who haven't been accepted will have their status of their application updated in the next 48 Hours. Please do not contact Staff Management asking for a result before this time. If you'd like to request a denial reason, should you have been denied, please press the "Request Denial Reason" button on your Application.

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