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Mugging with a vehicle and far from your neighborhood with victim approval


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Many people and also myself complain about how it's forbidden to mug people with a car and far from your neighborhood, but that hasn't changed an inch about the rule, in facts it became stricter as you could at least park your vehicle a block away some time ago. For now, a solution until a better one is found from the bigger suggestions regarding the rule 10, could at least be mugging with a car and far from the neighborhood with the OOC approval of the victim by a quick /pm. Because yes, maybe not the majority, but there is still people in the server who understand that the rule is too much, and like me they would give the approval to get robbed, because when I walk around in a GTA roleplay I don't wanna be protected by thousand rules with no threat at all for me.

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As a LEO roleplayer, I think they need to reverse the rule. At least let people park their cars 1-2 blocks from who they're going to be robbing, go hop a fence or two and such. Or not even that. Robberies IRL involve cars all the time. I get why this rule was put In place, but I'm 100% certain they could avoid completely removing robberies from the server. I don't know what they expect, people don't really rob others in their IRL neighbourhood, and you ain't gonna walk entire LS on foot to go mug someone. 



They should have taken a different approach to tackling the robbing spree's instead of practically removing the completely.

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Honestly just make it so you can't rob someone for a PF Firearm without admin approval, and make it so the person being robbed is caught off guard, they cant simply use the PF Firearm to execute the robber the second they run off. This would benefit both parties because it would stop the robbery crews that used to go around for the sole purpose of robbing firearms, and it will allow petty muggings for quick cash to be done easier.


And before you tell me "Nobody went around only looking for guns", before this rule was made, I had a character that had $10,000 on hand, a watch worth $25,000, a ring worth $10,000, and a necklace worth $5,000 in my inventory. Every time I got robbed, they would do the rapid RP of patting me down, see that I had no gun, then leave without even taking the expensive jewelry or the cash. Their goal was clear, rob PF Firearms for their gun stash. 


TL;DR; Allow petty robberies, restrict robberies for firearms. Problem solved in my book.

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