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don't show the name of someone you don't know over their head

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This suggestion is part MG protection, part me going "Gimme a command to set a nickname on someone" 
at the moment, you can see the name of every character above their head, it would be cool if we had to icly learn their name or nickname before their name showed above their head. when you pull out your camera and zoom in on someone far away, it says "Unknown (ID)" That would work perfectly. also makes finding someone you never met before a little more challenging. if you ask someone what someone looks like and get told, most people just look for the nametag over their head, needing to actually walk up to people and inspect them, using the /examine command might help a little with immersion. it forces you to pay more attention, and it somewhat forces you to actually use the aforementioned command which will give you a more in-depth description of the character if set up properly.. also, if someone gives you a name that isn't their legal name, some may have a hard time remembering that nickname, so:

The actual proposal? /name [ID] [Name]. The command will set the name above their head that you were given/ you choose. maybe add "IC" as an option for [Name] like in /sharenumber


Relevant Commands/Items



How will it benefit the server?
More immersion
less MG

(Ps: if my wording is confusing on this one, I'm sorry,  I'm horrible at wording)

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+1, though I'm unsure how this'll work in practice to the scale of GTA World.

This worked spectacularly in Garry's Mod Serious Roleplaying Communities by replacing the chat box with the physical description (/examine) of the character until you knew their name. Furthermore, it was indiscernible who was who otherwise without use of the scoreboard. That being said, it will be database intensive, and I'm unsure if GTA Would allow for this computation.

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I'm all for additional immersion, and I've seen this successful in voice servers where voices are recognizable, but I can't imagine a text box full of IDs instead of names without driving people crazy. I have mixed feelings on this idea. 

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It wouldn't work well with GTA 5's limited customization. Most characters look exactly the same and there is very little to tell them apart. Also, it would be difficult to identify someone if we need to report or grab their name for an admin. 

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/immersion is a thing. This would just get confusing, especially from an accessibility standpoint. It wouldn't work with customisation limitations etheir, pretty sure this has also been suggested before and denied.

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26 minutes ago, realitysurf said:

imagine going to an event all u see is Unknown_71415B 40 times in the chat 


-1 its just not a viable way to roleplay

As much as I like this idea. This sums it up. It would be horrible to see on a text based server.

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