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Staff Update - June 2024

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Staff Update

June 2024



Welcome to the June 2024 edition of the Staff Update!


Summer is right around the corner folks! I know we are all excited to get out of school/college and start enjoying some well deserved free time. We have some changes coming this month so stay tuned for those announcements and some development news. Last month has been a little busy on our end but don't you worry we are all still kicking and making good changes for the community. 


Congratulations to @colorlessrainbow to being promoted to Head of Leasing within Property Management! This comes soon after the promotion to assistant head of leasing, however there is no doubt within Property Management that this is fully deserved. Leasing is organized and streamlined, and we're incredibly proud to have Colorless on board. Well done!


Development Update

This month we want to express our gratitude for @808Masterus' dedication and hard work to provide the community with changes and implements they have performed over the past year. You have been there to provide for the community with endless hours of work to ensure features are working properly and implementing new content for us to be able to make the server much easier to navigate and a more pleasant experience. You definitely earned some bragging rights with 7 commits a day and over 3,000 commits in total of your time being here. We appreciate you and your work will be seen everyday by players on this community, thank you for being apart of the development team and thank you once again for your dedication. We wish you the best and hope your dreams come true, see you around friend!


While you're here! Check out the updates for this month by clicking here.

This month's Stats

Over the last month our team have answered:

Forum Reports
Asset Transfers
 Refund Requests






Staff Promotions


This month we'd like to recognize the following staff members in their advancement through the staff team:


Neszy Promoted to Senior Administrator Illegal Faction Management
Awucard Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
Young. Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
Hunt Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
The Master of Route 68
The Master of Route 68 Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Buster Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Chocomint Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Paddy Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Debo Promoted to Trial Admin
Steel. Promoted to Trial Admin
Brant Promoted to Trial Admin
Nabito Promoted to Senior Support
Ki89 Promoted to Senior Support
Crownista Promoted to Senior Support
tayswiz Promoted to Support
Ramesses Promoted to Support
Halcyon Promoted to Support
Stevefish Promoted to Support
For Ever
For Ever Promoted to Support
WanHeda Promoted to Support


Congratulations to all those who were promoted, and thank you for your dedication so far. We look forward to seeing you all flourish in your new roles going forward. Welcome to those of you who are new, we look forward to seeing you flourish as part of our team.


Have a wonderful June folks!


Note: all applicants who haven't been accepted will have their status of their application updated in the next 48 Hours. Please do not contact Staff Management asking for a result before this time. If you'd like to request a denial reason, should you have been denied, please press the "Request Denial Reason" button on your Application.

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