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We aim to portray a realistic clique of Eastside/Westside Playboys 13 In the Hawick area hence the N/S (Northside), The Playboys 13 (PBS13) also known as the Rabbit Gang originated as a Hispanic street gang located on the NorthSide of South Los Santos. The Playboys 13 were established in the 1970s, and are part of the Mexican Mafia and also falls under the Surreno/13 Alliance. The Playboys 13 Consist of two sub-sets known as the Playboy 13 56th Locos as well as the Pink Bunny Clicka with hopes of eventually expanding the number of cliques underneath the Northside Playboys 13 street gang. Their territories combine and share turfs on Hawick/Spanish Avenue, The Playboys 13 are one of the most ruthless street gangs in Los Santos.

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