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Arrest / Plea System

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Arrest / Plea System

In the past, arrested players were required to enter their pleas manually. This required the arresting officer to explain the system to the player being arrested each time, and the player would have to choose a plea and give the officer their forum name if applicable. This resulted in information being lost in translation and sometimes being left out accidentally due to human error and/or inexperience.


To resolve this and take this unnecessary burden off law enforcement, while making the process much easier and simpler for illegal roleplayers, we have automated this process entirely.

Instead of having to memorize commands and parameters to arrest a player, law enforcement officers can simply /arrestprison and a prompt will show up requiring mandatory information. No actual functionality has been changed here, arrest types, cell ID, etc are all still the same.
Minimum Time is the minimum time the player would receive for the charges, in minutes.
Maximum Time is the maximum time the player would receive for the charges, in minutes.
Required Case is self-explanatory, this will skip the plea selection process for the arrested player.
Arrest Type is male, female, PC, etc. (unchanged)
Cell # is optional.
Bail Amount is to be entered if the player is eligible for bail. If not, it can be 0 or empty.
Arresting Officer can be entered if the processing officer isn't the same as the arresting officer.
The arrest calculator developers now includes the min/max time in minutes when an arrest is calculated.
Once the player is arrested, they will receive a pop-up explaining the possible pleas to them and directly showing the consequences of each. If the player is eligible for bail, they will also have the option to pay it and be released immediately, no longer requiring the officer to fine them manually or intervene in any other way.
Once a player selects a plea, it will be processed immediately and will automatically create a post-arrest record for non-guilty pleas. The player will also be prompted for their forum name if necessary.
The officer will also be notified of what plea the player has chosen.
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