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Alternative way arriving to Los Santos - Human Trafficking.

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Border & Overseas

Greetings everyone. 


I've decided to come up with a neat concept that would help multiple people obtaining a unique way of arriving to U.S.A. I know that many of you have been just NPCing illegal arrivals and what-not, and I'd like to actually provide people with the smuggled in scenery. 


I got couple containers going on which are fully furnished into a long-trip stay. This type of RP would happen maximum twice a week. After reaching out to me to set things up, you'll be brought into the container where you can RP and get let out by me or my associates. You'd get a care-package, such as...cell-phone and someone else's paper work, with social ID and such. And I'd let you be on your way.


You can even RP there for couple days, I don't mind giving you keys till you are departed. Allow you develop a bit, set things into motion. And yes, vintage TV actually works as /tv, so you won't be completely bored there, all powered by couple batteries and even has a grimy- toilet (bucket with a jug cover up to avoid the stink). Everything is well put out and organized, inventory of the property got some food as well.


Regarding ID's, they aren't just NPC'ed. I'm associated with couple illegal role-players who are gathering me stolen ID's from innocent people that been mugged. So In a sense, I'm creating purpose for need of stolen ID's, in order to issue it to individuals who wish to be smuggled into the country. 


This scene is gonna be active and its to promote human trafficking RP, organized crime scenery, your smuggling backstory and not just NPCing it, and for law enforcement to investigate a trafficking ring.





Main focus will be through Mexican border. You'll be taken to certain location for role-play, giving you experience to cross a tunnel with a flashlight, raising up that adrenaline and giving you a nice background.

Storage unit/containers will simply become "homes" for the smuggled individuals. Who wish to RP and get settled in and await for paperwork. You just need to tell me how quick you wish to obtain the paperwork, before-hand payment or after. Whatever time-frame fits you.



This will be a delicate role-play, considering overseas smuggling is a lot more serious. This can be executed without a doubt, you'll be picked up somewhere around docks and delivered to a container to lay low with all the credentials presented. 




If you wish to participate in this well put organized scene, shoot ma private message "Requesting to be smuggled into LS" .


Requirements on your part:

  • A passport-sized picture of your character, no shadows or anything, proper picture that you'd take / mugshot. Send it with the Private Message. 
  • 10.000$ payment
  • Bring a flashlight & backpack/duffle-bag (clothing or item)


Best regards, Dimmi.



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