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Supplier Workbenches

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Supplier Workbenches

Historically, illegal suppliers have had to request their drops over the forums and as of recently over the UCP. While the UCP process made things easier and more automated, there was still room for improvement and minimization of admin intervention, so that players have more control and agency over their supplies and when/how they get them. The purpose of this script is to introduce workbenches for suppliers, much like drug labs, where they can "produce" their items and receive them on the spot after paying. As of the script roll out, this will be offered to Weapon Specialist and Electronic Suppliers, but can be expanded later at the discretion of IFM.

Once a workbench is set up by IFM, players will be able to access their workbench through the X menu, or by typing /workbench or /wb in their property. Only the person with the supplier role can access the workbench, regardless of who owns the property.
This workbench will show you the basic information of your workbench, including your limit (which is reset every 28 days) and how much of it you have consumed so far.
Clicking the production tab will bring up a list of items that you are allowed to produce (defined by IFM for each workbench type). Each item has a cost and the cost will be displayed to you for confirmation before the production starts. Some items are limited, meaning you can only produce a fixed amount of them until your next workbench reset (e.g., IFM can say that you can produce only 3 scopes, and you will only be able to produce 3 scopes per 28 days). 
You are also able to see a list of previous productions with details like date and quantity.
This script is fully dynamic, allowing IFM to add/remove items and supplier types on the go. As the script progresses and we receive community feedback, more items or supplier types may be added.
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