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HAUS Institute | A Haus to Unite Talent, Empower Voices, and Ignite Innovation | Vom Moda & Diversify | haus.institute

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About HAUS


HAUS Institute originates as a creative collective dedicated to celebrating diversity and advancing inclusion across the industries of fashion, media, and beyond. Founded in 2023 by Mila Bojchenko and Faith Labelle, HAUS' umbrella unites talented individuals with shared values to empower underrepresented voices.


Operating as an umbrella comprised of successful subsidiaries, HAUS provides an organization to strategically support and share resources needed to realize each brand's full creative potential. HAUS' independent subsidiaries, Vom Moda and Diversify, aims to utilize their collaborative partnership to push creative boundaries in the fashion industry.


Our primary brands, Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine, exemplify HAUS' mission through their respective fields. Vom Moda establishes new standards in high fashion with avant-garde designs championing self-expression in all its forms. Whereas Diversify builds an alternative media platform representing diverse subcultures and empowering emerging talents. 


Beyond our subsidiaries, HAUS aims to establish an influential creative collective for its respective field. By cultivating an inclusive community and nurturing the next generation of leaders, we aspire to make a positive social impact. It is through creative expression and empowerment that lasting change can effect Los Santos' fashion industry.


At HAUS Institute, diversity is our driving force. We aspire forward to connecting our subsidiaries with open-minded collaborators who share a similar vision to us. Together, through collaboration and creative freedom, we will continue challenging conventions to forge an ethical future for the fashion industry.







Our Blog


Here you'll discover insights and stories from the creative hearts of HAUS Institute. Through our words and photography, we strive to share our vision of an industry shaped by diverse voices and fresh perspectives. Meet the talented individuals behind Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine. Gain inspiration from their journeys as they help establish HAUS. You'll also receive an inside look at our productions, from behind-the-scenes snapshots to commentary on our latest collections and issues. We aim to provide an authentic view of our process - the moments of innovation and inspiration as well as overcoming challenges as a team.





Contact Us


We want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or inquiries. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days. For urgent matters, please call our main phone number during business hours. We look forward to connecting and advancing important conversations together.






Business ID: 032/APR/24 | City of Los Santos

www.haus.institute | Facebrowser | Discord


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HAUS Institute

Website: https://www.haus.institute/

Jobs Application:https://www.haus.institute/jobs/
Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/pages/haus


Vom Moda

Webstore: https://www.vommoda.com/
Affiliate Program: https://www.vommoda.com/affiliates/
Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/pages/vommoda


Diversify Magazine

Website: https://www.haus.institute/diversify

Magazines: https://forum.gta.world/en/tags/diversify/
Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/pages/diversify



Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine are subsidiaries of HAUS Institute.






protech.png     leila.png     e0XdVKb.png     6jSi5wk.png

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We are pleased to introduce HAUS Institute, a new creative collective focused on diversity and inclusion in fashion and media.


Our Vision

At HAUS, we believe that embracing our differences makes us stronger. By bringing together talented people from varied backgrounds, we spark new ideas that push creative boundaries. With collaboration at our core, we aim to create works that resonate globally and advance culture positively.


Our Structure

HAUS will operate as an umbrella organization with subsidiaries like Vom Moda and Diversify maintaining independence. Future subsidiaries will also operate independently while benefiting from HAUS' resources, staff, and network to foster individual growth.


Our Values

More than anything, we strive to establish an environment of mutual understanding and respect where all feel seen, heard, and valued for who they are. Only through nurturing unity can we achieve our full potential and make lasting impact.


Our Mission

We recognize that certain groups still face barriers in self-expression and career progression. It is our goal to dismantle outdated barriers by opening doors and elevating new voices through opportunities across our organization. We hope to advance underrepresented communities and cultivate the next generation of industry leaders.


Our Strength

At HAUS, diversity is our greatest strength. We hope you will join us on our journey to reimagine these industries through an inclusive lens. With creativity and compassion as our guides, we will build a brighter future defined not by superficial measures but by our shared humanity. Our vision is of a community without barriers where all feel empowered to reach new heights.



We are thrilled to launch HAUS Institute and begin cultivating this inclusive community. There is important work still to be done to ensure all people feel respected and have equitable opportunities to achieve their dreams. We hope you will partner with us in this mission to inspire greatness in one another and use our collective talents to spread messages of unity, compassion, and social progress. Together, through collaboration and commitment to our vision of diversity and inclusion, we can work to make the industries we love stronger and more representative of humanity in all its beauty. We hope you will join us. 




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On Sunday, HAUS Institute kicked off the season with a picnic, bringing colleagues together for a day filled with discovery. The event saw teams rotating between photoshoot challenges at an urban location before reconvening for food, drinks and games in a picturesque vineyard setting.



6sTSeg3.jpeg      AEQRTZG.jpeg


e6brB4k.jpeg      cq2eqPZ.jpeg


sXIkNr6.jpeg      sJ8OtdZ.jpeg


vWvcoJJ.jpeg      WkuAHcp.jpeg


x2ob57j.jpeg      AjgFFML.jpeg


LBTCRNP.jpeg      qtQXObq.png


CHgOrqO.jpeg      UeaqvQS.jpeg





Pictures from the photoshoot challenge


BRQyJPc.jpeg      blz1XaJ.jpeg



Pictures by Kentucky Fried Chicken

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All the 'What brings you here?' begins to feel like a swirl—a constant attempt to reintroduce me to new counselors, therapists, and the alike. Another CBT session, and another day to wake up to the same bed. And just like that, I awaken to my scheduled alarm. 7:24. You know, in numerology, every number has a meaning. 724 symbolizes a message from the divine that you are advancing on your spiritual journey. But then again, maybe that's the Risperidone talking.

Word of advice, never meet your idols—especially if they're an influencer. You will begin to realize that you'll influence them more than they'll influence you. And in the end, after being Sonny for so many years? You'll begin to realize that you want to be Cher. After a while, every day begins to feel the same. Just another out-of-body experience. You see some people lament about it, romanticize it. And that's fun to do when you're in your early twenties. But then you grow numb, and your body starts to feel older than it is.

And just like that, there I am again. Editing another batch of photos in the office. Sometimes, I even respond to Facebrowser messages. And my responses? They're either too long or too boring. But that's how you get people to leave you alone—and honestly, people in this city scare me.

Questioning things for me? It leads to redirection of thought. Redirection away from that white blip, that white blip of an experience that feels as if it is happening in real-time. Where I am just that girl again, unable to defend myself, and the adult in me envisions a different outcome.

Lately, my therapist has been asking me about my dreams, and my dream place. At first, I thought it was work. At work, I can be independent, and I do not need to rely on anyone else. But as we have continued to grow, I have had to rely on others, and accept the inevitable. The inevitable that failure and people disappointing me will exist in my career, too. In my career, there have been failures, but including other people into that failure? That is more pressure than I ever expected, and truthfully, I tried limiting Diversify's growth to avoid pressure.

Now, with the development of Haus, it is a new beginning—we have a team alongside Vom Moda, and things are seeming more cohesive by the day. As much as I want to rely on others, I never thought it'd be plausible. But Mila and Haus' other employees, they're teaching me to put faith into others, and to learn how to trust again. 

"So, yeah. Things are beginning to look up," Faith says. "The last time you asked about my dream place, it got me thinking, and I think we both know at this point, I want a family... I want to raise a family in the Suburbs, away from Los Santos. But right now, that's not in the cards, and I've got something to prove—to myself, and others."


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